Friday, July 24, 2009

Peter arrived

"The Question" always comes up this time of year, and at Christmas, being we are such a practical family. "What's on your birthday list?" This year, only four things (and usually I can't come up with that many) and Peter Rabbit was at the top (check).

I've been looking for Peter Rabbit to join our garden for a long time. Aha, we thought when we were in the mountains, let's see if we can find him (since we have looked and looked in our fair city). This would be the Gardener's gift ... and sure enough, high on a mountain road we came upon a yard full of such things, and a little shop run by two old sisters with identical voices crackling with a strong southern twang. Maybe they were twins. They helped me make the best choice of the rabbits waiting there. While I was looking around I saw more reading boys...maybe this is the same place I found my little guy on the occasion of our own boys graduating from high school. We put him in our garden to remind us of all the books we read together and our years of homeschooling. He's been there, quietly reading, ever since.

So, little Peter Rabbit is now home with us, and looks fine anywhere we place him. He'll season with age, as we all do, and, like most things around here, he'll bring forth memories every time we glance his way.

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  1. Lydia grace6:30 PM

    Kinda reminds me of "Miss Potter" and her relationship with her characters...Peter has arrived and I look forward to seeing him in person..or is that in animal?


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