Thursday, July 19, 2018

a surprising rest

We've been on the road a lot in recent months, driving here and there and some in-between. 
The purpose for our trip to KY was a week of meetings for the Gardener's work.
I went along to help with logistics for those meetings, and simply 
because the Gardener and I enjoy being together.
Midweek in those meetings we took the afternoon off to visit 
the nearby Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill.
It was a warm afternoon and we were tired.
I expected to do a lot of walking and looking at this historical place--

which, to my surprise, had eventually turned into a busy street with gas stations and shops, 
and then, in more recent years, restored back to the original village it had been, 
or as close as possible.
 The original buildings had remained through the changes, 
and are slowly being repaired as needed, but, as with the
Shaker beliefs, certainly in a minimalist way. Some of them have guest rooms that
can be used by tourists for overnight visits.
It certainly would be a lovely place to spend a day or two.
And thats' what the surprise was for me. It was so serene and restful.
We didn't feel the pressure to go see everything, rather we soaked up the atmosphere of
the place, trying to wrap our head around a group of people who lived in such
a different way from what we may consider as the norm. Guides had time to talk and tell stories;
and we enjoyed sitting on benches, cooled by the soft breeze, relishing the shade of old trees.
We came away so refreshed and rested. 

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