Thursday, April 26, 2018

fleeting april

I was looking forward to a quiet April, but it turned into a busy month that sped by.
Spring came slowly because of cold weather and was as lovely as ever.

The month included a book club meeting. The book: A Gentleman in Moscow.
Our hostess had been to Russia several times so graced her table with
beautiful Russian china, mementos, and special treats.
It was not my most favorite book, but I read it in a scattered manner so
didn't give it the time it needed. It was full of worthwhile quotes, such as:
"No matter how much time passes, 
those we have loved never slip away from us entirely."
Towards the end of the month we enjoyed having the grands with us
for four days. Here's a few snippets:
Playing in Grandpa's newly rebuilt garden.
And with Grandma's Ginny and Jill dolls!
A visit to the Highland Games to see friends play their bagpipes.
Amazing to hear 15 bands play Amazing Grace

Saturday, April 07, 2018

a hopeful theory

I visited my cousin soon after her mother died. She had a few things of her
mom's out on a table for me to see. I recognized many of them as they had
at one time been in our grandma's house. When I saw this miniature tea set at home on
her shelf, I gasped in delight! One of my favorite childhood memories 
is "playing restaurant" at our grandma's house during our summer visits. 
These were the dishes we used and they are so familiar to me! 
One of the reasons we enjoyed pretending we were servers in a restaurant 
was because our grandma had a really cool pantry with countertops, and a SWINGING 
door from there into the dining room. You can imagine the fun. 
I'm so glad my cousin has them on display.
Another surprise was to see my other grandmother's old brass dinner gong 
displayed in our kids' breakfast room at their new house.
It was in my father's childhood home, 
so of course in my grandparents' house 
where we would visit 
and loved to play with it––until we heard 
And then it came to our house after a short time at my parents' house.
And now our grands are growing up with it in their house.
This proves to me a hopeful theory I am working on--that 
our kids are starting to show an interest in old family "heirlooms"!
That news brings a smile! 

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