Tuesday, May 29, 2018


 It seems we've developed an end-of-school-year
milk shake tradition.
It's quite nice--cool and refreshing whether
during a sultry sunny day or a downpour, as we've been having lately.
Strawberry, chocolate m&m, and double chocolate.
Good conversation too on a wide variety of things ...
including the possible ban on straws in England.
Did you know metal straws can come with tiny bottle brushes for cleaning?
Big sis was a different day at a different place.
It was our fifth year of the tradition at this diner.
The owner even came up to congratulate another year.
He remembers us.

Friday, May 18, 2018


On a recent visit to my younger sister we popped into the lobby store 
and had to stop and gaze at all this pink.
We enjoyed more pink in her granddaughters' little lego village.
And then watched their TV cooking show.
(Doesn't this make you want to go back to childhood and make a mud pie or two?)
Their dad gave them sawdust for sugar, grated cheese, breadcrumbs ... whatever ...)
Blueberry picking--and actually bringing them home this time.
So, so good.
Never, ever tire of a scene like this or the blue shades of the sea.
Arrived home just in time for our last mentor gathering of the year.
A casual, fun dinner--chicken curry with toppings. 
My mom called it "Daffa Duka."
We gifted the girls with journals, oh so pretty
all dressed up!
Our sons built their dad new garden beds and a fence to keep
the deer and rabbits out. It looks promising!
And our hydrangea, who has been out of sorts for a couple of years,
is blooming in all her finery! 

Sunday, May 06, 2018

pageant of dessert

Elaborate ... colorful ... public ... display of beauty ... yes, all these words bring pageant to mind, 
so I think "pageant of dessert" would be a good title for this post.
In an obscure building, tucked away on the second floor, is some
amazing food, and ...
a dessert display to make you wish you hadn't eaten dinner.
Those who have been there before are known to have just soup and a salad, 
to save room for the sweets!
I managed to choose,
enjoy a few bites, and bring the rest home.

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