Tuesday, September 24, 2019

because of a sweater

I may be the only female who has nodded off watching the newly-released Downton Abbey.
And it's all because of a sweater. 
In spite of the blistering heat we still are enduring 
(yes, that's the best word--enduring), the contrasting air conditioning inside 
buildings can actually feel too cold for me. Thus a sweater comes along to church, 
movies, and other places where I may sit awhile. 

We viewed the film with a group of my sister's and her hubby's friends while 
we were visiting them.  I never dreamed I'd fall asleep, as I often am known to do, 
since I was sitting next to people I don't know that well. 
And certainly not at the long-awaited Downton Abbey.

I tried leaning forward in my seat. But eventually I sat back for more comfort 
and tossed my sweater over my front like a blanket since I was cold. 
I started to get warm and cozy. That's all it took.

I don't think I missed much, but I did miss the royals' arrival. 
I can't believe it.  (I hope I'll see it again.)

It was so enjoyable, for the most part. And, my, "how the children have grown." 
It nicely tidied up a few story lines, but left us with some new questions.  
So maybe ....

Note to self: next time leave sweater home and plan to chill.

(Photo: Jefferson Davis' last home.)

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