Monday, July 22, 2019

a perfect setting

Our summer book club was simple: a children's classic that
some of us had read to our children:  The Wind in the Willows.
I wasn't crazy about the book the first time I tried to read it, but this time
I enjoyed it more and gained a new appreciation for it, though it is still
not my favorite book by any means.
But we had a wonderful "picnic" breakfast down in 
Bonnie's "Little Book Room."
The treats were carefully chosen to go along with the story
and we enjoyed such tastiness while we discussed.
Bonnie's daughter had just returned from Malaysia where she bought her 
mom a beautiful copy of the book (centerpiece top photo.)

It was lovely to visit B's private children's library--the perfect setting to discuss such a book.
Some of us had contributed volumes to it, some of us had watched it become a book room.
A beautiful morning with good friends. 
So inviting to linger in the coolness of the library on such a hot day.

A posse of good friends celebrated birthdays this summer with a day in the mountains.
We got more than a few looks, and mostly smiles, 
as we--older, hatted women--sailed into a parking spot in downtown Blowing Rock! 

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