Wednesday, January 09, 2019

stress less

Do you ever feel chagrin about something in your past? When we were care givers for an elderly man, two seminary students lived with us and helped with things. I cooked for everyone each evening and requested that the guys let me know if they weren't going to be there for dinner so I could plan and cook accordingly. They weren't too good at complying with my request and it irritated me--even stressed me out a bit.

Looking back I ask, "Why?" Was it a desire to be in control? I didn't want to waste food, but, for goodness sake, we love left-overs anyway. What was the big deal? Years later I feel--maybe better words than chagrin--regret and remorse.

Over the years we've had houseguests that I don't know. "Strangers at our gate." 
Well-known religious statesmen, former criminals, college students, friends of friends 
passing through, and more. In my younger days I used to fuss and 
feel uncomfortable and stress about meals and how it would all work.
Needless worry. Lesson learned over and over. Scripture from Hebrews 2 talks about angels:
"Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained 
angels without knowing it."

Each and every stranger at our gate was a delight. 
Each one enriched our lives far more than the food and shelter we gave them. 
One man I actually thought might be a true "angel in disguise."
So next week when two seminary students from far-off knock at our door to live with us 
and attend a week-long concentrated course, I will welcome them with joy and cook for them 
with pleasure. And enjoy leftovers if there are any!

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