Monday, June 29, 2020

A Tale of Two Chairs

When we give something away, God sometimes gives us back something even better. A couple of years ago I gave away our much loved old wood highchair without thinking too seriously about it. There was an urgent need for a family with a baby and another foster baby arriving. Both our pack n play and highchair went quickly over to their house. 

I kind of thought I might get it returned, but when the foster child left, I heard nothing about it. By this time I knew we had a surprise grand baby coming. I kept looking for another old wood highchair but none were affordable. 

So we got an inexpensive highchair from IKEA that all our young family friends apparently L O V E. In fact I read that someone actually took one through a car wash--they are so durable and easy to clean. After our grandson's first birthday cupcake eating, his parents just hosed theirs down. 

It has served us well this year, but I call it a "spaceship" and it seems like it would be hot to sit in during our summer months. Plus, it's not quite like our decor.

And then one day a friend texted me a picture of an old dusty highchair. "Do you know anyone who needs this?" 

Within an hour it was in our garage. It cleaned up so well and even matches our kitchen chairs and takes up way less room. The white spaceship went somewhere else where it was needed.

It is a lesson to me about patience and how God delights in blessing us. 

I can't look at it without smiling and remembering.

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