Wednesday, April 15, 2020

bad times

I overheard the Gardener, a historian by trade, talking to a friend on the phone. "Bad times come," he commented, "we know that from history." These are very hard times, possibly the hardest many of us remember. But our parents (should we be numbered among those whose parents are no longer living) would remember harder times--the Great Depression and WW II to name at least two.

The Gardener had to have a routine blood test today so drove to the doctor's office and two lab techs came out--one to take his temperature and one to draw his blood. Before he arrived home he got a call from his doctor to discuss the results. This new way seems simpler and took a shorter amount of time than the usual. Maybe it should be how they always do it from now on. And our doctor took the time to check to make sure we were staying home and not even going into stores.

I admit the quarantine is starting to "get" to me on this day #35 and today I felt it. I've mostly enjoyed this forced "stop" of much of life, but today I wondered when it would be over, especially for those of us who are at a higher risk. And I miss being with the grands. There's just nothing like quality time spent together--much better than a distance visit or a zoom call.

But I know most people have it much harder than we do. So I snap out of any
wallowing and move right on to the gratitude list. There is so much on that list.

1. I have grandchildren to miss.
2. Spring has not been canceled and it has been glorious, pollen and all!
Wonderful days outdoors, taking it all in.
3. Even if I don't have all I would like to have in the pantry, we are blessed with food to make,
and that's a lot better than many.
4. We are retired so don't have jobs to lose.
5. We have plenty to do at home to keep us busy and entertained.
6. Technology helps us stay connected with friends.
7. Our church provides us wonderful worship each week.

I found this picture of our kids and their cousins from years ago.
It seems timely for these days, but I have no idea what was going on.
I hope you are all managing, and staying healthy.

Friday, April 03, 2020

my face itches

It seems that as soon as I get into a public place, which is usually only the grocery store, my face starts to itch. Have you found that? I think we probably touch our faces a lot, and that, among a list of other things, is off limits these days.

There's a new kind of thinking we have to do now, at least we are, ... the steps to safely go to the grocery store or the curbside pick-up (which we try to do), bringing the bags into the house, getting the mail, receiving packages.

This is Day #23 of us staying at home. It hasn't been too bad, but I often think what it would be like if our electricity or internet were down. We have so much to be thankful for, and so much to entertain ourselves at home. I haven't done half of what I'd like to do. We happen to be in a glorious spring, so walks outside and yard work are wonderful diversions.

We eat a lot of ground turkey, but I haven't been able to find it in a store for the last two weeks (nor have friends who offer to shop for me.) That's a mild concern for me, but there's so much more to be concerned about. I don't need to list it here, but it has been hard to see friends lose jobs or have work hours reduced dramatically. The list of friends to pray for that are dealing with cancer or other traumas continues to grow.

So the most important thing we can do during this time is to pray for our lists, and for those in authority, for those suffering, for those who can't see their loved ones dying with covid. And as Edie Wadsworth, a blogger, said, "Let's let the suffering do it's work. May we submit to its teaching. What can we learn about ourselves right now?"

And I look around and see so much to be grateful for. Good things come out of hard times. Blessings come with having to stay home. And I try to focus on them.

More time to enjoy spring and going for walks.
Good chance to see some movies or TV series I've missed.
Good books to read.
Technology to chat with our grands, text or call to check on friends, our weekly Bible study on zoom, worship services online, and even zoom a birthday celebration.
More time to do creative things, even if its expressed with place settings.
Getting crochet projects finished.

A fun visit with friends in a park parking lot as we "social distanced."
Seeing families out walking, riding bikes, being creative.
All the funny memes, and jokes--it's good to laugh.
Enjoying all the creative ways Americans are coming together to help each other.

Grateful for a neighbor, a former fireman, who climbed up our roof to refasten loose siding (he did not tell his wife.)
The opportunity to slow down, think and reflect more, and be grateful.

And speaking of roofs, we loved bringing a care package to the grands and 
having a window visit, even though it interrupted their school work! 

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