Saturday, August 30, 2014

August Fleets Away

 Another month gone by. Another batch of memories added to the bank.
The month began with celebrating birthdays--mine and our sons.
Then a wonderful sister visit and traveling to visit our brother and his family.
 A mini mountain vacation for the Gardener and I.
Something about cooler mountain air is so refreshing and restful.
We had no big agenda.
 My friend's back to school brunch was a big success. Even with our warm
temperatures we can detect a change coming in the weather.
A brown leaf hints at the change, and reminds us that seasons come and go.
The cycle of life, the faithfulness of God.
Wonderful times with the grandies and grateful for a thoughtful
daughter in law who remembers "who gave what." Littlest One arrived at my
house for the birthday party all decked out in a vintage cotton party dress 
I bought for her at an antique shop.
So cute.
I've given up on sharp images for she is constant motion.
I'm joining Cheryl at Thinking About Home for her thoughtful
"Gather the Moment" series.
Also linking to Lavender Cottage for Mosaic Monday.

Friday, August 29, 2014

back to school

We gathered at a friend's house for brunch the other day in honor
of a new school year.  K. always decorates so beautifully and
it's fun to see how she does a school theme.
But we really had a purpose other than a fun 
get together among friends.
We each brought a bag full of school supplies.
Our hostess later took them to a "store" for school
teachers in areas where abundance is lacking.
Teachers can come "shop" there every few weeks and 
pick up as many as 12 items for their classroom.
You can't beat a good time among friends, 
while giving to a wonderful cause.
I love that K. provides this opportunity for us every year.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


I love a good window. This one is in a German restaurant outside Munich.
A friend was showing us something in this restaurant where he is friends with 
the owner. We were not having dinner so I felt funny taking photos, but I could not 
help myself. These are such a gorgeous windows. Yummy color.
So I did what I like to do: broke up the image and moved around parts of it
to create a mosaic.
It helps you to look more deeply into what you are seeing.
This gentleman was simply enjoying al fresco dining
and ended up on a blog. Oh my …
See Judith's Lavender Cottage for more Monday Mosaics.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


We escaped for two days in the mountains
and along the way were drawn to a small
chapel nestled in a hilly college campus.
 And found this. A fresco by the same artist (Ben Long) our children watched work
 his craft years ago on a bank wall in our fair city. His simple, clear and colorful
work draws me in. This Return of the Prodigal is filled with symbolism.
A docent asked if we had time to sit for a few minutes and she proceeded to
read the moving story from Luke 15. 
The theme of the fresco is, of course, "forgiveness." 
Maybe what touched me the most was the empty bag by the son's staff.
Empty. He left home with so much and came back with nothing.
I could have looked for a long time.

Monday, August 18, 2014

a little lost

There have been distractions to blog writing and reading lately -- weekends away, 
birthday celebrations, time with the grands, a new "yarn group" and 
a wonderful visit from my sister. All good things.
While she was here we pulled out the dusty old family archives--from both our parents. 
They both seem to have been tasked with keeping the stuff of their families' histories. 
And now it's all at my house.
Our maternal grandmother in the rear, and her bro with big hair.

 And so we got lost. Well, especially my sister did. I'd be doing this or that around the house 
and she'd be reading the old letters, the notebook filled with history of our great grandfather's 
farm life, the records of family reunions for 50 years (which frequently recorded laments 
on the lack of interest in such things by the young people.)
And so Lulu would jump up and come to me with "Listen to this!"
The letters themselves--especially between my father and his parents, 
could take a few days to read. But the stories that unfold …. yes, we 
got lost in time, occasionally coughing from
the old paper dust. Unanswered questions arose right and left. 
Ha ha, not the least, thinking of my son the dentist, "Did they all have bad teeth? 
Or did they all collectively not smile in photos to support those with the bad teeth?"

There's so much more to read and sort through and organize.
A little fleck of newsprint fell out from the letters. 
Someone had clipped out and shared a funny. 
I wonder who, but I'd bet on my Grandmother. 
And it's perfect to share with my grandees! 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

look for beauty

"We always see what we are looking for, and if our mind has become
trained to look for trouble and difficulty and all dark and 
dreary things, we find just what we seek.
 "On the other hand, it is quite easy to form the habit of looking always for beauty,
for good, for happiness, for gladness, and here, too, we
shall find precisely what we seek." (J.R. Miller, born in 1840)
"What we see depends mainly on what we look for."
So said John Lubbock, a British statesman in the 1800s.

Friday, August 08, 2014


 We still miss our dog, the girl dog with a boy's name--Meshach-- who we adopted 
when she was about one. A very pretty, gentle and loyal lab-chow. 
Yes she had a black tongue, and a lab personality. 
Her coat could get really messy and thick and she was hot in the summer so we often 
had her shaved, poor dear. She felt a bit humiliated, but would still proudly pose 
when the camera came out.
The first photo was taken at night with flash, the other two without.
I did nothing to enhance these other than cropping.
Shach lived until she was 14. My son captured this wonderful
photo we have framed. It shows her expressive eyes. 
She always looked right into our eyes.

Connecting with Donna's Personal Photo Challenge where the challenge this month is animals.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

a walk for tea

It was an odd feeling for the Gardener and I to be alone at the hotel after our colleagues left.  
There was no one who spoke English. It took awhile after a busy week to begin to relax, 
but we had two days of badly needed rest. We walked, slept, swam (not me) and read. 
I was determined to have a cup of Turkish tea, so one afternoon we walked to a nearby village.
I'm always snapping photos as I walk. Such beautiful pink hydrangeas.
My tea, his Fanta.
You live with someone 24/7 but when you sit in an outdoor cafe (well in this case,
a table outside a "hole in the wall establishment") you seem to have deeper discussions.
Pleasant and sunny on the way back, and low humidity.
Back to our hotel along the Marmara Sea.
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