Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday Four

1. We won't forget autumn in 2018. Two hurricanes in two weeks. We cleaned up from Florence the best we could before leaving for two weeks down south. Florence had been anticipated blow by blow for over a week but didn't amount to as much as expected, thankfully.
While in FL I visited a new market with my sister that is full of 
fresh produce to the extent that it's truly "eye candy." 
2. We visited with old friends and went out for lunch to a place E. chose because it reminded her of me.   
Blue and white everywhere! Another delight for the eyes, and so thoughtful of her. 
I think my love for blue and white is well known!

3. Back home in time for Hurricane Michael, this one not nearly as well
planned for as it seemed to come up suddenly. 
And caused more damage than the long anticipated Florence.
A leak sprung around an upstairs dormer window, decorating our dining room ceiling.
The good news on this was that when the guys came to repair the roof
––since they were all over the roof top with such agility––
I asked if they would clean mildew off the high gutters and siding,
a job we wondered how we'd get it done. And they did. So grateful.
 4. Things were busy once we arrived home, besides the storm. 
Bookclub, delayed by the first hurricane, 
met for a lovely British tea at Rhondi's house. 
We had a lively discussion on Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey
Then a birthday lunch at my house ...


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