Monday, December 31, 2018

bullet thoughts

As some years end, we hope the new year will be better. For us, this year contained both good and bad, some momentous things, many mundane, and many reasons to give thanks. We welcome this new year as we, in a sense, enter the unknown. The Gardener officially retires tomorrow and we begin to walk a new road.  Now to some random thoughts organized in bullet points:

1. One of my favorite things about this time of year are the Christmas cards or greetings that arrive in the mail (or, more and more, by email). But either way, it's just great to catch up with distant family and old friends. A wonderful tradition. I love to brew a cup of tea and sit down and digest the news and study the family photos.
2. I came upon a batch of old books from the early 1900s that belonged to my grandmother and one to her sister, Annie. About the same time I learned about a second cousin once-removed, who is great-granddaughter to Annie. She wanted Annie's book and I happily mailed it to her. As I continue to work ever so slowly on cleaning out our house, I find great pleasure in passing things on to people who want them. My nieces wanted the rest of the books, albeit mainly because they love old books.

3. It's always bittersweet to take down the tree. Sweet memories of good times, along with a desire to unclutter and begin a new year. And so down it comes today.
4. There was so much joy in receiving this mini painting from my five-year old granddaughter who gave with as much joy and excitement as I received it. I'm sure she'll smile when she sees the place of honor it has. There is more joy in giving than receiving, but I'd say this gift was about equal on both counts.
5. Above are some highlights of this past year. Each one represents a special time, a special trip, or a simple every day moment. But each one brings a reason to feel gratitude.
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