Friday, December 29, 2006

White Christmas

white christmas
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It's a privilege at my age to have young friends. One of my very special friends sent me a picture of her doll house, brought downstairs for the holidays, and decorated for Christmas. It looks like a busy household. And I'm glad it snowed somewhere for Christmas!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy New Year

blue window
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We welcome 2007 as we travel to see my brother and his wonderful family and help them celebrate his 50th!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Subtle Golden Tones

My sister's friend, and my friend by email, adds a comment to the Rose Colored Glasses. I love it!

"After having a cataract removed from my left eye recently, I noted that everything from that eye appeared crisp and fresh and true to tone. However, my right eye, complete with cataract, records something entirely different. Everything has a very subtle golden tone, like late afternoon, when the shadows are long and everything looks lovely. What a shock! I am trading off my burnished tones for clear unsullied vision. Why in the world should I even think twice about that? It is just that everything is a bit lovelier with the untouched right eye. A little hazy, a little enhanced ... Could the golden cast on things also be a gift from God for our older selves to see the world through a golden filter? Or am I just romanticizing again? Guess I will have to go out and buy a pair of your rose colored glasses.

"Oh yes, and I can also now see my wrinkles in all of their glory. That's a bummer!"

A Favorite View

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Inside and outside.

Billboard buddy

future dentist
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We were driving on the upside of uptown with our kids when we passed this billboard and they yelled out their friend's name. Can you imagine passing a billboard and seeing a friend/classmate smiling down on you? It was "a moment."

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas 1933

Christmas 1933
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I love peeking in on the living room from my dad's childhood. Was this before or after Christmas dinner? My grandmother looks tired ... maybe she just finished cleaning up the kitchen. Where are the boys? Outside sledding maybe? I wonder!

Tradition ! !

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Tevye shouts "Tradition!" as he sings and points to a fiddler on the roof. I consider his "tradition" as referring to a way of life as it always had been. At this time of year, we think of tradition as what meaningful things we do on holidays, especially, from year to year.

When we sought out our roots at the family reunion last summer, few of us knew what really went on inside the walls of the houses our fathers lived in. Exactly how did they celebrate holidays? What traditions did they practice year after year? More than likely, without being aware, we are following many of the same traditions. Since we practice traditions with our children that we did in our childhood, it's probable that those traditions were part of our parents growing up as well. There have been modifications for sure, but it is likely we are more connected than we realize to the traditions those houses would surely tell us about--if they could.

Last month I read an article about the importance of empty nesters developing new traditions. It's hard to maintain all that you did when your kids were growing up, now that they are beginning their own families and traditions. Chief and I started a new tradition a few years ago of going to the city symphony's annual eclectic Christmas concert. Tucked way up at the economic top of the gorgeous orchestra hall, we may not see every facial expression on the performers way down below, but the acoustics are flawless and the music delightful. What a great way to start up the Christmas holiday. This year as I snuggled against my husband's warm arm, I was particularly aware of the grace in our lives and the gift that we have to be together this Christmas. After a fall of much uncertainty and scary doctor visits, we are thankful for reasonable health and the opportunity to continue to enjoy each other for today, and hopefully tomorrow ... and practice old and new traditions!

Just Three

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Both of my sons are creative. But the older one has a particular twist to his creativity that brings a smile. I remember years ago we arrived home one afternoon to learn the new gleam to his old red jeep came from a good rub with WD 40. This little Sumarai, cast off to him by a friend, he hopes to fix up for a cheaper ride to work. Meanwhile he painted it black to cover up a multitude of messes. And yes, he used just three cans of black spray paint.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Little Women Revisited

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What a treat to have a lovely young lady play beautifully on our "Little Women" piano this afternoon!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

78 Years Young

moto grandma
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My grandmother was always full of life and lots of fun. I never thought of her as old, as she had a youthful spirit about her. May I be so at that age!

The Attic Gang

The Attic Gang
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No words are needed to caption this reunion of Wheaton College friends. The guys all lived together in an attic of sorts. All made an impact in this world––superb mothers (of 9, 7, 4 and 3 kids), two preachers, businessmen and entrepreneurs. Seven are having a great celebration in heaven this Christmas, while three are here missing them.

Little Women

little women
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This is how I envision the piano may have looked as the March women gathered around to sing at Christmas time. At least that's what I thought after I finished messing around with this greenery.

Frosty, Not the Snow Man

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A young man with cerebral palsy awkwardly made his way to our car when we were at the Wendy's Drive-up and offered us a coupon book for a dollar. The entire dollar would go to Dave's Adoption Foundation. And for our dollar we got ten coupons for 6 oz frosties...that is, totally free, no hitches or glitches. Not a bad deal, and a great cause. (Almost makes you feel guilty using the coupons.) Furthermore, Wendy's now has vanilla frosties. So we indulged. The now battered coupon book tossed around at the bottom of my purse is a sort of secret comfort...there if we need a quick fix. Only six ounces--that's practically a diet frosty.

We were visiting our son and his wife overnight and I gave them a couple of coupons ... how generous of me! But that's not the frosty that this post is about. The frost bit is something we discovered this weekend and laughed and laughed about. Two times my Christmas cookies were brought up in conversation. (The Tradition of particular Christmas cookies is an important part of the Christmas season. I had been planning to skip a large portion of this Tradition until these conversations occurred.) "Chief" husband began talking enthusiastically about my "frozen butterscotch mounds." "They are so cool and crisp as they come out of the freezer." Full stop. They are not meant to be frozen desserts. They are meant to be kept in a cookie tin on top of the frig. We suddenly realized what he was talking about. I make the cookies and then they are stashed away deep in the freezer, hidden, or so I think––until some magical day (whenever that is) when suddenly all the Christmas cookies come out of hiding and are "free game." Obviously Chief had done a lot of scavenging about in the deep dark corners of the freezer to remember those cookies as "frozen." Big smile here.

But later Son and wife asked if I would be sure to make my delicious frozen fudge for when they come home at Christmas. Frozen fudge? I don't recall it. Oh yes, same deal as above. It's all about hiding the cookies or fudge in the freezer!

My poor family fondly remembers mainly frozen Christmas cookies? What a hoot!
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