Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Not a Lincoln Continental

My husband shares my father's love of corny jokes, and often uses the 
same jokes. When the subject of cataracts is brought up, I often hear, 
"I want a Lincoln Continental, not a Cataract." Silliness.

I have wanted a cataract removed for a long time, but it wasn't until recently
that Insurance said my eyes were bad enough for them to pay.
Meanwhile I've suffered with dark images against a sunny window, glaring
headlights at night, unbearable sunshine, and fuzzy vision.

I was a little apprehensive about it all, but it was as close to a "piece of cake"
as surgery can be, IMHO. Granted not all cataract removals go
smoothly, but I'm thankful mine did. I am enjoying a new world of clear
20/20 vision and enhanced color. If I cover my "new" eye, I see what
things used to look like––as if in photo editing, I beefed up the "warm" tones.
I am looking forward to having the second one done soon.

My sister had hers done the day after I did and it is fun to compare notes. 
Our docs were very different in their approach. 
The two little ladies above are not us, but our great-grandmothers 63 years ago.
I only remember the one on the right.
I'm just wondering how well they could see as they aged.

When I was a young nurse, cataract surgery was far different.
People would lie very still in dark rooms with sandbags around their faces. I'm sure
they stayed in the hospital for several days.

I'm certainly glad for medical advances! 

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