Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Not a Lincoln Continental

My husband shares my father's love of corny jokes, and often uses the 
same jokes. When the subject of cataracts is brought up, I often hear, 
"I want a Lincoln Continental, not a Cataract." Silliness.

I have wanted a cataract removed for a long time, but it wasn't until recently
that Insurance said my eyes were bad enough for them to pay.
Meanwhile I've suffered with dark images against a sunny window, glaring
headlights at night, unbearable sunshine, and fuzzy vision.

I was a little apprehensive about it all, but it was as close to a "piece of cake"
as surgery can be, IMHO. Granted not all cataract removals go
smoothly, but I'm thankful mine did. I am enjoying a new world of clear
20/20 vision and enhanced color. If I cover my "new" eye, I see what
things used to look like––as if in photo editing, I beefed up the "warm" tones.
I am looking forward to having the second one done soon.

My sister had hers done the day after I did and it is fun to compare notes. 
Our docs were very different in their approach. 
The two little ladies above are not us, but our great-grandmothers 63 years ago.
I only remember the one on the right.
I'm just wondering how well they could see as they aged.

When I was a young nurse, cataract surgery was far different.
People would lie very still in dark rooms with sandbags around their faces. I'm sure
they stayed in the hospital for several days.

I'm certainly glad for medical advances! 


  1. My great-grandmother had cataract surgery in the 1960s. She had to stay in the hospital for four days and had sandbags around her head. She saw quite well for awhile, but it all slowly faded away until she was almost blind. My husband had cataract surgery six months ago (both eyes). What a difference! Medicine has certainly advanced. Like you he has 20/20 vision and sees colors quite well. So glad you are doing well.

  2. The gift of sight is so precious. I'm so happy your experience went well and you are looking forward to having the other eye done soon. The photos of your great-grandmothers is priceless. ♥

  3. What darling little old ladies and good to hear your cataract surgery was a grand success.

  4. Sweet great-grandmothers! They look as if they could be sisters. Ninety-five years ago? Hmmm...not sure about that. 😉

    All the best to both you and your sister as you recover from cataract surgery. How exciting to have clear sight restored!

  5. I thought it was easy too! Glad your seeing well now!

  6. I have a cataract in one eye. It is rated a 1 and was told they don't do anything until it gets to a 4. I never stopped to think that my vision would deteriorate while waiting for it to become a #4. I wear my sunglasses whenever we go out, but I think I'll start wearing them when working in my garden as well--that is supposed to help stop the progression I'm told. Ken had his done a few years ago and all went well. That's a wonderful photo of your great-grandmothers!

  7. So glad you've had an excellent experience. Interesting, with eyes the deterioration is so slow...don't realize how bad it is. Lovelovelove the photo. Reminds me of the Beverly Hillbillies!

  8. Isn't it just amazing? The evening of the day that I had my first one, I was "peeking" through a tiny slit where my eye patch sat against my nose. I was watching the TV across the room and was blown away at what difference I could already see...the vivid colors, the small print that I could read, the brightness of everything. I liken my vision before the surgery as looking through wax paper. You are absolutely correct about the "edited photo" thing because that is exactly what it was like for me. It truly is amazing and I am just thrilled for you! And I LOVE the photo of your great-grandmothers!

  9. I'm glad your surgery went well...what a difference it makes! And that photo is beautiful! What sweet little old ladies. I love looking at their clothes, especially the hats! Hugs!

  10. The photo of your great grandmothers is adorable! I'm so glad the cataract surgery went well. I just had an eye exam and there's no hint of cataracts yet. I'm vigilant about wearing sunglasses when outdoors, but expect that as I get older cataracts will develop. Both of my parents had them done and are so pleased.
    Surgery has changed so much. However, I still think some practices are positively medieval (says she who is contemplating a rather nasty preparation for a test later this month).
    Enjoy the brighter views and better vision!

  11. Eyes should never be taken for granted. Glad you are seeing better and the surgery is over; it is amazing how much cataract surgery has improved. Love the photo of the great-grandmothers!

  12. Well done! So glad you have had the surgery to to improve your quality of life. I can empathize with your vision problems. My cataracts are not yet ready. Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Love the picture of your great-grandmothers! I'm glad your surgery went well. I had to have surgery on my retina a few years ago and that surgery caused a cataract which I then had surgery for. So grateful for what they can do and the gift of sight. xo Deborah

  14. Great black and white! Happy to hear your surgery went well!

  15. Sweet photo of your great-grandmothers! Glad for the advances in eye surgery, as I'm sure I'll eventually need cataract surgery. I had LASIK refractive surgery 20+ years ago, and it was amazing.

  16. Wow! I am so glad that went so well! My cousin had cataract surgery a few years ago with much more adjustment time required.

  17. I had cataract surgery a couple years ago and I agree it was a breeze and it was so nice to see true colors again! I've also had some more complicated eye surgery that wasn't so much of a breeze but I was so happy my vision could be restored --a miracle in many ways.

  18. What a charming photo of your great-grandmothers! That's good news about your cataract and I agree: thank the Lord for modern medical technology!


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