Thursday, September 20, 2018

my numbers are falling

At a funeral recently, the Gardener nudged me and pointed to some scripture written in the 
program. "Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the 
ground apart from your Father. But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. 
Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows." He's always the 
encourager and I knew he was trying to remind me God has every hair on my 
head numbered and knows what's going on with each one, 
whether it's falling out, growing longer, or turning white.

Years ago I read about a beautiful woman with long dark hair who was in the throes of chemo. 
She told about her hair falling out and used this same scripture. 
She called her story, "My Numbers are Falling."

I'm not sure why my hair is falling out--more than ever before. 
I've always been proud of my very thick hair. 
There's still plenty there, but if this falling continues, there may not be.

It's been an unusual summer. Lots of travel interspersed with two surgeries to remove cataracts. 
With each surgery I became allergic to the post-operative drops, but not until two weeks after. 
What followed was concerning: very blurred vision (after wonderful 20/20), and with one eye, 
a lot of pain and itching. All is well now.

I could have titled this post "The Great Thirst." For indeed I had a thirst to end all thirsts 
earlier in the summer.  I ignored it for weeks as we were traveling. Deep inside I knew 
what it meant but was in denial, hoping it was something else. 
It was unquenchable, and I marveled at it's depth and insatiability. 
I hadn't noticed I'd lost weight until a friend asked about it. Sure enough, almost 15#.

Once home I began to panic. I couldn't get in to my doctor for several weeks so the 
Gardener gave me his appointment. The doctor didn't even come in to 
see me until his nurse had pricked my finger. Sure enough my blood sugar was "sky high." 
I wonder how long it had been that way. He came in the room with an insulin syringe.

Type 2 Diabetes. It is a hard diagnosis to accept. It took me awhile--I think 
I was a little in shock. Maybe what was hardest was to know this is forever 
(though I have a goal of getting off my medication through diet and exercise.) 
I remember the first time the Gardener and I went shopping for new food for me, 
reading all the labels. 
So discouraging as the primary concern is very low or no carbs. 
But I am adjusting well. My blood sugar is down to normal range 
and I've lost more weight. God's grace has been abundant--my appetite has decreased 
and I rarely am tempted by old favorite foods. Friends have been encouraging and helpful 
and I even had a "keto recipe" cooking class with a friend. I feel better than I've felt in years.

I find a lot of people don't talk about their diabetes, as if it might be something to hide. 
I've decided not to keep quiet about it, because if I can encourage one diabetic to eat properly 
or one "pre diabetic" to watch his or her diet, it will be worth it.

As far as my hair falling out, I suspect it could be related. 
A major stress in my life ... possibly the weight loss. 
I'm just trusting it stops soon.


  1. If you are feeling better than you have in years, that is wonderful! (Please share a recipe you enjoy from time to time. Everyone would do well to lower sugar and carb consumption.) As for hair loss...seems to happen to many. I met a friend a few months ago and I told her how cute her short haircut looked. She had always worn her thick hair long. She explained that her hair was now so thin that she could not wear it long. Personally, I would love a little toupee thing that could sit on top of my head and not extend too long. It would be a look! You’ll figure it out, Dotsie, and now that you know what’s going on, I think you might find yourself with just the right amount of hair soon. Take good care!

  2. My hair has thinned so much on the top, due to thyroid issues. I'm glad you got your diabetes under control. You can manage it through diet and exercise and you'll be just fine! I like the reminder your husband gave you. God knows!

  3. My husband has Type 2 Diabetes. We found out right before we got married. Sugar-free wedding cake is delicious. After awhile you don't even think about what you are putting on the table. It becomes a way of life. And we all seem to eat more carbs and sugar than is good for us. I'm so glad you are feeling better than you have in a long time. That means you are on the right track.

  4. Aging isn't for wimps, is it? I'm glad you are feeling better. I've tried to limit sugar and carbs for a number of years in order to keep my weight down. I don't do any artificial sugar, so treat myself once in awhile. It becomes a way of life and there is plenty of good-tasting food available. Hidden sugars are so prevalent. It's been quite the summer for you!

  5. You have had a lot of health stuff going on. That would be worrisome to have the after cataract surgery problems and I am glad that is clearing up for you. I have counted how many g of sugar foods have for years, since at one point I was prediabetic. Now I am in the normal range. Women are only supposed to have 34 g of sugar a day and it is easy to go way over that! I cut out sugar in my coffee, thus saving 8 g of sugar (2 teaspoons).

  6. Bless your heart. Those bumps in the road are jarring...same old, same old, then new patterns. I bet the hair loss and weight loss are all related to your blood sugar too. We all need to slow down.

  7. Bless your heart. Those bumps in the road are jarring...same old, same old, then new patterns. I bet the hair loss and weight loss are all related to your blood sugar too. We all need to slow down.

  8. Oh my gosh, you faced lots of unpleasant physical pains etc. I am so sorry you had to endure it. Learning to live with diabetes now ... shows what great character you have. Wishing you better times and all the best,


  9. I;m so sorry to hear that. My husband has Diabetes but after working hard at diet he has managed to come off the medication for the time being. Praying for your health.

  10. I'm sorry you're dealing with this, and I do hope you find good ways to manage it and adjust to it. Blessings to you xo Deborah

  11. Life can hit us with a number of issues as we age. I'm so glad you now know what has been happening with you, my friend. I know many folks who are controlling their diabetes with exercise and diet, I can just bet you will be one of them. It's so nice to hear you are feeling better and now have a plan to continue to do so! ♥

  12. I have had thick, heavy hair my whole life and have had a couple of periods when I had massive hair loss. Just keep eating right and it will come back. You will see short spiky new growth sticking up before you know it. Of course, with age, too, there is some natural thinning but that is not usually too bad. I am so glad that you are doing so well on your food program. xo Diana

  13. We take health for granted, until we don't have it.
    You are right, we don't talk about diabetes or any autoimmune diseases, (I have Graves Disease, thyroid)
    It's hard to have your own body "attacking" itself.

  14. What a summer you have had, Dotsie!! I am relieved to hear that you are feeling good and that you are on the path to better long term health! I applaud your determination and your creativity in finding new ways to cook and eat. Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us. It will be an encouragement!

  15. Dotsie, I am sorry you have been having these issues but it sounds like you are definitely on the right path to getting and keeping it under control. Lorrie is right, getting older is not for sissies! Part of your story could also be my story. About 10 years ago, I began losing weight for no apparent reason. Great, right? Not so much. Long story short, gall bladder issues contributing to a bile duct blockage basically forced my pancreas to stop producing enough insulin so I was then officially declared to have type 2. I have never been on insulin and will do whatever I can to not have to go there. I have basically eaten mostly low-carb for many years, occasionally straying off of it from time to time. As far as the hair thing goes, my hair is much thinner than it used to be...but that is OK with me because it is easier to manage! There are many great ways to cook and eat as a diabetic and you are already on your way to success!

  16. Dotsie - I am finally getting around to visiting my dear blogging friends - life has kept me offline for the better part of the summer.....and I am terribly sorry to read this. I had a huge shock when I was told last November that I am "pre-diabetic." I am still in shock. But Metformin and TRYING to watch what I eat has had my last 6 months reads within an acceptable range. And I keep hoping they'll keep improving. I need to lose weight - for sure - so I will be praying for us both.

    Big hugs - you have a fabulous attitude and the best hair - it will come back. I just know you will continue to feel better and better. ♥

  17. Glad you are doing well with your new diet plan and have encouraging people in your life.

  18. I volunteer in the pediatric ward of one of the public hospitals and we constantly see kids being diagnosed with diabetes. It's an epidemic in this country. And sadly, far too often, nutritionists are following old school guidelines. Diet and exercise really can do wonders but so many people find it hard to change their habits. No doubt you will continue to see improvement with the changes you've made. All the best.

  19. Interesting how you suspected, deep down inside, what was going on. Funny how we sense these things. It sounds like you're on top of it and will do well managing it. I hope you continue to feel better. I live mostly 'on the wagon' until I don't get my protein in the regular intervals I need. Then it's dealing with trying to catch up, which never seems to be possible until starting over in the morning and walking that straight and narrow path - no sugar, low carbs, lots of protein and fats. God bless you.


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