Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday Five

1. We won't forget autumn in 2018. Two hurricanes in two weeks. We cleaned up from Florence the best we could before leaving for two weeks down south. Florence had been anticipated blow by blow for over a week but didn't amount to as much as expected, thankfully.
While in FL I visited a new market with my sister that is full of 
fresh produce to the extent that it's truly "eye candy." 
2. We visited with old friends and went out for lunch to a place E. chose because it reminded her of me.   
Blue and white everywhere! Another delight for the eyes, and so thoughtful of her. 
I think my love for blue and white is well known!

3. Back home in time for Hurricane Michael, this one not nearly as well
planned for as it seemed to come up suddenly. 
And caused more damage than the long anticipated Florence.
A leak sprung around an upstairs dormer window, decorating our dining room ceiling.
The good news on this was that when the guys came to repair the roof
––since they were all over the roof top with such agility––
I asked if they would clean mildew off the high gutters and siding,
a job we wondered how we'd get it done. And they did. So grateful.
 4. Things were busy once we arrived home, besides the storm. 
Bookclub, delayed by the first hurricane, 
met for a lovely British tea at Rhondi's house. 
We had a lively discussion on Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey
Then a birthday lunch at my house ...
 And a luncheon at church where each table was set by a talented tablescaper!
Have a look at three of my favorites.

5. I am enjoying being home for an extended time. SO MUCH! 
There are things to be done and grandchildren to enjoy, 
and   a   little   of   just   BEING. 
Cooler temperatures just might be here to stay, and it feels like fall. 
The leaves are hinting of a change coming soon.


  1. Sorry about your leak, but happy that they did some cleaning for you! Those tables for all your events are inspiring! Love them!

  2. What a busy fall you have had! Ugh. A leak. I do like the euphemism “decorated the ceiling.” I might have to start using it because, prior to the new roof last fall, my ceiling received a few decorations.

    Love, love, love that first table setting with the browns and also the charming dollhouse scenes...too darling for creative.

    Enjoy your true fall and the grands and the joy of your delightful home.

  3. The table with the violin is my favorite....oh how I love those beautiful old items! I want to pick the books up and hold them! I'm sorry you had a leak too. What a terrible time with the hurricanes. We were fortunate not to have any damage from either but we did feel like we were at the wrong place at the wrong time. In NC for Florence, just back to FL for Matthew. But we can't complain. No damage when so many others have been devastated. Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

  4. Wow, sorry about the hurricane damage but glad you got a bonus with the helpers on the roof. Love the tablescapes. It's always fun to have an event with several tables done up to see a variety that people will create. Happy Fall to you!

  5. That is miserable about the hurricanes but glad you got rid of the mold, too! The silver lining in the cloud, maybe?

    Those table settings are all beautiful! Lots of thought went into each one.

    I am glad you are home for a bit and I hope you can enjoy the time. Have a great weekend- xo Diana

  6. Busy, I'll say! I can relate to mildew on the gutters issue...only ours are at a lower level where we should be able to get to them ourselves. Those are some pretty amazing! I don't know if I could pick a favorite. So glad we are nearly out of hurricane season and I am LOVING this weather! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. This will certainly be a fall to remember! Two hurricanes back to back . . . not fun. I am glad that your roof was repaired and that your willing workers did that dreaded chore for you! There is always something to be thankful for, isn't there?

    I loved seeing the photos of the "blue and white" lunch place, as well as those lovely tablescapes! I know you're enjoying your time at home. Home is the best, I think!

  8. Those back to back hurricanes were quite something. Michael seemed to come out of nowhere. I'm glad you're home now for awhile. Traveling is fun and interesting, but it seems that one needs to catch breath and stay home "for real comfort" as Jane Austen says. Your book club and birthday and church events all look like lovely times.

  9. Happy b elated birthday! Such beautiful table settings--each and every one! I'm sorry to hear that Hurricane Michael brough some roof damage to you, bur glad to hear repairs were easily done. We are waiting to see if the west coast Hurricane Willa will bring rain or snow to us--we could use it and it is always so dry here.

  10. Hi Dotsie,

    So nice to stop by and peruse your latest posts. I do love the beautiful table settings you have shared. I too love your blue and white color combo.

    Happy to hear you are feeling better concerning your vision and your recent diagnosis of diabetes. Stuff does come along as we get older and I sometimes find it hard to adjust. The bible verses your husband pointed out were perfect.

    Thank you so much for visiting and leaving your comment on my blog. Life is just so busy lately I don't have the time to do much visiting and I miss my old friends :)

  11. Podso,
    Friday Five is delightful!
    Of all your photos, I love the one looking out onto the storm best!
    May your time at home be relaxing and rewarding.

  12. Dotsie, I share your love of blue and white. Love the idea of each table set up by a different person with wonderful tablescapes. I'm glad you have come out of the storms okay. I hope you enjoy your days at home! Sylvia D.


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