Friday, September 28, 2012

for Missy

 A blogging "buddy" of many years suggested I get rid of the "white monster"
(see post below re. Monument to Patience"), remove tomatoes, and take another photo. 
That was easier said than done, but here it is, M., in its full morning glory.
Then, playing with my camera, I thought, why not embrace the whiteness?
So, here we are. Call this "Hydrangeas on white with two antique chairs."
Speaking of antiques, I'm feeling like one today. Yesterday I worked 14 1/2 hours
caring for wee ones from 34 weeks to 37 weeks to full-termers, whose moms
were tucked in spare rooms all over the maternity floor. 
We are so busy with new little lives,  and there isn't even a full moon.
After a day like that I am in recovery mode for the next 24 hours. Thus the camera play.
This marvelous, also antique, vase currently has the seat of honor on the dining room table. 
It was a 50th wedding anniversary gift from my grandparents to my grandmother's parents. 
I'm guessing it's at least 80 years old. It came to my parents when my grandmother 
"broke up housekeeping," and then to me when my mother "broke up housekeeping." 
Such a strange, old fashioned expression. Have you heard it before?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

after the mow

 Mowing today was a challenge. The Gardener put the mower at the highest setting since 
we have just recently aerated and seeded (necessary every fall here in the south -- maintaining 
a lawn is a constant battle.) So it was hard to tell where I had mowed. 
 I did a few swirls (vee) and probably left some undone.
 But after I had worked up a good sweat I noticed a few presents left for me by the Mow Fairy.
Yes we are still harvesting tomatoes, but never have we this late in the season. Picture perfect!
And hydrangeas? A bush full? Never before that I remember. 
I was surprised by beauty this morning,
(and pleased to see the baby new blades of grass bravely peeking out of the soil).
Simple pleasures!
And the large item taking over my dining room, covered by a sheet? 
My Monument to Patience. 
It's been there all summer while a room was vacated; now waiting patiently for 
some small repairs, and then I will flourish the paint brush and move in the bed.
 I'm hoping for next week!

Monday, September 24, 2012

city in the rain

 It's been years since I've been in Chicago proper --- just a 
stone's throw from where I grew up. 
But I found myself there the end of last week and
remembered what a friendly city it is ... and so easy to get around.  
While our husbands were absorbed in meetings, a friend and 
I took the train in and looked around, drank a coffee,
and did the Art Museum (which I've never seen before with 
an artist ... wow did she teach me a lot!)
I seemed to have new eyes to see things,
and this is one of my new favorites.
 I popped out of the museum to walk a few blocks to eat lunch 
 with my sister who works in a very tall building. 

It was a cloudy day and turned into a rainy day. I didn't mind it a bit.
 In fact, I loved walking in the (chilly) rain! 
  The lights came on and the reflection on the pavement was beautiful.
 We crammed a lot into the weekend and I'm a tad tired 
 but am enjoying catching up on my blog reading!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

when will I ever learn?

This is my "go to" window in the front of our house: it's good for checking playing children, the weather, cul de sac activity, if the mail has arrived, if guests have arrived ... and you get the idea. When we had the disastrous tree limb fly through another window in front, it became necessary to get replacement windows.

They'd been badly needed but put off and put off again. I love my wood windows with the panes ... and hated to see them go, but you can't have one odd new window in front, can you? Well I guess you can but ... I was also concerned the windows were a different white than the house trim.

So I was fussing about the loss of the old, decaying windows I hold so dear. I was away the day they "popped out" the old ones and "popped in" the new ones.

Why do we fuss and not trust? Or I should say, why do I fuss and not trust?

The windows look just fine. Actually good. And I barely notice a difference. I almost can't wait to clean them, they will be so easy! I don't miss the old brown metal storm windows either. and yes, already, our power bill is lower.  Sigh. Will I ever learn just to take what comes?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Making a Difference in the Day

I like to read a bit from the writings of Amy C*rmichael as often as I can.  She was a little lady who lived out her life caring for orphans in India. She had much to say about life. When she talks about cherishing thankfulness it causes me to stop and ponder. I try to be thankful, but do I really cherish the concept, and make it so much a part of life that being thankful is a thing dear to me?

Amy frequently gives a good illustration of small things to be thankful for: "I have come more and more to watch those minute touches of the love and forethought of our Father which are shown in the smallest things of life, such as the coming of a flower, a message, a picture, a letter, a book; the touch of a loving hand, the look in loving eyes, the tones in loving voices--things too small to tell, but making such a difference in our day."

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lunch out

Al fresco dining ... on individual balconies. The waiter pops out the shutter-type door to serve or check on diners. The views are of the river, and wharf, and the tops of pedestrians' heads. Looks like a fun place to eat on the NC coast. But I didn't.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

go rain

Go rain!  As in, a cheer for the rain we need. But on this particular day I was wishing it would really "go." I ran into a big box store for just a few things when the sun was shining. A scattering of clouds looked like they were predicting some weather, but it was, after all,  only a quick visit. I came out to the most torrential rain that I've seen in a   l   o   n  g  time.  I waited calmly, thinking it would certainly blow over in a minute. But it didn't. So what does one do in such a situation?

Re-bag the groceries so they are rain protected. That includes purse. Go back and ask for more bags, thinking head cover. Wait. Watch others and what they do. Wait some more. Take a few pictures. Check email and FB. Call home. Wait, beginning to be concerned about the cold food in the heat.  How long can a torrential downpour last?

Finally, almost 30 minutes later, the slightest lull. I fashion a rain hat out of a plastic bag and head to my car, thankful for sandals as I wade through deep water.  Dripping wet and thinking an umbrella would not have helped.

Nothing much to learn here; it is what it was.

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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

keeping track

When I'm living right, I try to keep my focus on the positive. On gratitude. I look around at small things and big things that I'm grateful for. And yes, even difficult things, for there's usually good lessons there.  I have a little book where I try to keep track. It's a good exercise to write them down, and I can feel so humbled when I realize all there is to be thankful for.

Today I wrote down: "The constant encouragement of the 'Gardener.'" And, "A whole day with Little B." (yes, that's a day with my granddaughter today!) And, "The sound of crickets." As I sat on the porch this morning, they were as loud as ever. As much as I hate to meet them face-to-face, they do bring a comforting sound in the summer. It's the details I like to notice. Makes for a good start to the day.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

city walk

Took a walk in a new park near the center of our city. Much beauty to see!  
See photo below in case you're wondering about the image in the lower right corner!
Linking to Mary's Little Red House for Mosaic Mondays!
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