Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Five: life as it is

1. The knock out roses have become an amazing hedge.
 2. There is a brief window (pun intended) of time when the
pollen is gone, the intense humidity is yet to come,
and the windows can be flung open.
This week was one of those rare times.
 3. Porch scrubbing complete, I am feeling thankful for this tablecloth
I found at a yardsale. It brightens the porch and my day.
4. So happy to be reading an Elizabeth Goudge,
even though it's musty pages bring the occasional sneeze!
5. The reality of life. Our high bed is my folding table.
I do like a neatly folded stack of laundry, which this isn't.
At least yet.

Joining Five on Friday.

Monday, April 25, 2016

up close and personal

Last year the Gardener transplanted our peonies
from a spot where they just weren't getting enough sun.
Last year the blooms were barely worth taking note of.
This season looks promising. I brought our
first bud into the house and its bloom
is magnificent. I love the color and
decided to get up close and do a photo study of
our one solitary blossom (so far).
There's more buds on the bush and I'm looking forward to a great show!
Joining Judith's Mosaic Monday for the last time for awhile.
I think once a month is the plan.
Thank you, Judith for hosting weekly for so long!

Friday, April 22, 2016

five arches on friday

There's something so appealing about an arch.
At least to my eye. I reach for my camera when I see one.
Here are five of my favorites--two from a botanical garden in 
Grand Rapids, Michigan, one from the Blue Ridge Parkway, 
one from Istanbul, and one from Munich. 
You can probably guess which is which.
When I took this one in the pouring rain, I don't think I even realized
 it was an arch in an arch in an arch.
"All experience is an arch wherethrough gleams that untraveled world whose 
margin fades for ever and for ever when I move." Alfred Lord Tennyson

Joining Five on Friday

Thursday, April 21, 2016

over the hill

There's a farmhouse on the other side of this little hill.
Joining Good Fences today.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Mostly a garden tour

1.  I walked around the garden with my phone camera today,
thinking to catch a few images before spring disappears.
The old swing has survived another winter.
It might be time for a good scrubbing and some repairs.
 2, The irises are on their way--I call them the "ladies with the big show."
There must be some metaphor for life here. They work all year to prepare for just a week of glory.
 3. The phlox are brilliant this year as they march further and further across our front garden.
Our strange spring weather is allowing them extra time this season. 
The transplanted peonies seem to like their new location.
Love their color and love their show, coming soon.
4. Because it got cool again, our winter beauties are giving us a grand finale of gorgeousness.
When the hot weather arrives they will be dug out and replaced by pansies.
5. I made this card for a friend's birthday from a photo I took of her buffet.
I love the painting that hangs in the background and did a little work in photoshop with it.
She didn't recognize it at first. We had a good laugh.
Bonus: I think I must be the tent grandma as they kids are always
asking me for one. Then they pack a knapsack of toys for playing in the tent,
as if they are on a little journey.
I realized today that I probably have more fun with 
my grandees than maybe anyone these days!

For the first time I'm joining Five on Friday, 
and already I've stepped outside the box and added a bonus.

Joining Amy's Five on Friday 
and Mosaic Monday.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

tea for two

Actually, we had tea for four. 
When my friend M.E. asked if she could bring her mama from assisted living for tea at my house,
I was thrilled. I called my friend Lydia Grace to see if she could join us.
She is amazing with older people and when she comes to my house,
it's like Comfort walks in the door.
We had a wonderful time with our special 92 year old guest.
She may not see or hear well, but she is as sharp as a tack with 
an incredible wealth of knowledge. 
She tells a good story with a dry dose of humor mixed in.
As we talked we learned she was born in the same hospital as my mom was way up north,
and her daughter, M.E., and I were both born in the same midwestern hospital! A fun fact.
M.E. and her mama arrived with a hatbox filled with "Tea for Two."
They were eager to show it off.
Out came the booklet with directions for having a tea for two box.
Contents: one pretty tablecloth with napkins, two cups and saucers, two teaspoons,
sugar cubes, creamer and suger bowl, tea bags and of course a teapot.
Also required would be some sweets and a thermos of hot water.
This should be kept by the door and ready to take to a friend for tea when needed.
Or to use when a friend comes to your door.
It was delightful to read about "Tea for Two" and see her tea things.
Once back at the care center, M.E. reaches high up to place the 
hatbox on top of the wardrobe in her mama's room.
On top goes a big hat, and it's all lovely to gaze upon.

There's no doubt who received the biggest blessing the day we had "tea for four."

Thursday, April 07, 2016

just dandy

I have a little neighbor who brings me the loveliest
miniature bouquets, stuffed in her tiny hand.
"If it's starting to wilt," she says, "Don't worry, there's more."
Her mama is teaching her how to love others well.
I recently came across this crumbling ledger from my 
great-great grandfather, a farmer, and this particular page is from
this month, a mere 130 years ago.
He has interesting spelling and rough penmanship but he seemed
to keep good accounts. What caught my attention in several places was 
the mention of "dandelions." Twice on this page, though it might
be hard to see. It makes me wonder if dandelions used to be a desired flower.
Or maybe they were good in a salad.
They are bright and cheery and would be charming in a flower bed.
Is a weed just a flower someone deemed undesirable?

I've missed reading blogs. It's been a packed two weeks:
having the grandees here for a few days overnight including rides to school,
homework, piano, and potty training. This tired grandma experienced
exhaustion like never before! (but joyful exhaustion.)
Then we scooted out of town, met some deadlines, and life has just been busy.

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