Friday, October 28, 2016

one doll, five views

My mother's doll … or was it her mother's?
We can't seem to remember now, but it's a doll that Mom always
had perched on the mantle in our childhood home.
 Eventually my older sister, the one who sews so well,
made a whole new outfit of clothes for the doll who has no name...
…at least that we can remember.
The new garb includes under garments trimmed with lace.
Beautiful details, fine hand work,
and a fresh pink ribbon.
All beautifully dressed up, now residing on the piano 
at my younger sister's house.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Five Elements for a Girls' Teaparty

 1. Fancy teacups.
 2. Curled pinkies.
 3. An abundance of sugar cubes--even better with silver tongs.
 4. Sweets--homemade not necessary.
 5. Special guest Peter Rabbit who prefers a green snack.
When I arrived at my sister's house, where her four
granddaughters were visiting,
 I saw little signs scattered here and there about a tea party.
Hint. Hint. 
And so we had a grand one.
Joining in Amy's Five on Friday and
Bernideen's Tea Time

Monday, October 17, 2016

arch rivals

It seems like ages ago that we "battened down the hatches," removed potential
flying objects from our yard, and headed down to the hurricane. It didn't make
 sense, but we had a board meeting to attend and other things
 to do, and of course no one knew exactly how Hurricane Matthew would turn out.
We made decisions moment by moment, and rerouted through Atlanta to avoid
 the exodus from coastal areas. All along the way we saw utility
trucks, headed to help--even before the storm arrived.
(And we saw them on their way home as we drove home yesterday).
The board meeting ended up being by phone and partly took place as we drove.
We arrived early at my sister's house where her four granddaughters 
were visiting, and enjoyed a wonderful five days with them.
One thing we did was to take them to the Ringling Museum of Art
(parts of which are free on Mondays). I call it the "Museum of Arches."
They are everywhere, as is beautiful art to enjoy.
We left home wearing shorts and complaining about the heat,
reached Florida just as cooler weather breezed in,
and arrived home wearing long pants, noting a slight touch of color, and
no evidence at our house of the storm that ended up being worse in our state than FL.
(Thanks to our son who came over and cleaned up the storm debris.)
It is so good to be home.
Joining in Mosaic Monday.


Sunday, October 02, 2016

winding roads

We recently "road tripped" to a city we'd never been to before. 
While we spent most of our time in meetings inside a hotel that was like a small city, 
I saw enough to know I'd love to come back and explore the real city. 

We traveled over and around mountains to get there, and are thankful for safety
 all along the way. After our long, hot summer, the cooler air and cloudy/rainy days
as we headed north were welcomed though it took me awhile to "cool down." 
There were hints of changing leaves especially in the mountains, 
and when we returned home the air was cooler than when we left. 
Fall is on it's way!

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