Saturday, May 09, 2020

Let's try 6 on Saturday

1.Younger friends have been so thoughtful in adding our short list to theirs when they shop at Costco or Aldi's, while I do curbside for the bulk of our groceries. So when we ventured out to a big hardware store yesterday, it had been 60 days since we'd been inside a store. The only strange thing was most everyone wearing masks, and sales folks being extra helpful. But when trying to talk through the plastic separation, AND a mask, it was difficult to hear. 
And I might have lowered my mask, which I question the value of anyway, to make my request clear.
2. I was wanting paint and had been waiting so patiently for two months. 
I found just the blue I wanted for a fun project and began to paint our porch chairs soon after I got home. 
The weather has been so wonderful and the low humidity just may be helping to give me all the energy I seem to have.
Actually it rained an unusually soft rain while I painted, and it was "a moment"--
painting is like big coloring for me, and the sound of rain on the roof just added to the pleasure.

3. I was reading in Luke the story of the man who was getting visitors so knocked on the door of a friend late at night asking for bread. He got it, my version said, due to his impudence, which a footnote defined as "persistance."
I know the word impudent to mean "not showing respect; impertinent." Maybe in some fashion it means both, but the reason my antenna rises when I read the word "impudent" is the 500 lines I had to write when I was a kid. 
"It is impudent and rude to say "so what?'" 
And I have not used that expression since.

4. Our table has never been so silent. Though I'm obviously cooking a lot, as most of us are, 
I wonder will I get my knack back for cooking for a full table of guests? And when?
5. Fifty years and one week ago, my boyfriend (a.k.a. The Gardener) and I climbed a favorite mountain of ours across the Hudson River from our college, and he asked me to marry him. It happened to be on the same date, two years prior, of our first date. I put this very special anniversary on fb, and sigh, everyone thought it was our 50th wedding anniversary, 
even though I said that "he asked a question and I gave the best answer I've ever given." 
I think when you get to the alter (we were married in a church like most back then) you've already been asked the question! There was no photographer there, people didn't do that kind of thing back then, but I guess we each took a photo of the other and I had fun putting them together to look like one image. But my guess is we were sitting a bit closer on such an occasion! 

6. Last but not least on this long post, my beloved and only still-living uncle celebrates his 95th birthday today. 
We had a lovely visit with them on face time--once we heard they knew how to do that. 
He collected old cars throughout his life, and we loved the treat of going for a ride in them.
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