Monday, December 31, 2018

bullet thoughts

As some years end, we hope the new year will be better. For us, this year contained both good and bad, some momentous things, many mundane, and many reasons to give thanks. We welcome this new year as we, in a sense, enter the unknown. The Gardener officially retires tomorrow and we begin to walk a new road.

Now to some random thoughts organized in bullet points:

1. One of my favorite things about this time of year are the Christmas cards or greetings that arrive in the mail (or, more and more, by email). But either way, it's just great to catch up with distant family and old friends. A wonderful tradition. I love to brew a cup of tea and sit down and digest the news and study the family photos.
2. I came upon a batch of old books from the early 1900s that belonged to my grandmother and one to her sister, Annie. About the same time I learned about a second cousin once-removed, who is great-granddaughter to Annie. She wanted Annie's book and I happily mailed it to her. As I continue to work ever so slowly on cleaning out our house, I find great pleasure in passing things on to people who want them. My nieces wanted the rest of the books, albeit mainly because they love old books.
3. It's always bittersweet to take down the tree. Sweet memories of good times, along with a desire to unclutter and begin a new year. And so down it comes today.
4. There was so much joy in receiving this mini painting from my five-year old granddaughter who gave with as much joy and excitement as I received it. I'm sure she'll smile when she sees the place of honor it has. There is more joy in giving than receiving, but I'd say this gift was about equal on both counts.
5. I've missed making collages or mosaics for blogging. Here are some highlights of this past year. Each one represents a special time, a special trip, or a simple every day moment. But each one brings a reason to feel gratitude.

I think I've discovered my difficulty in leaving comments, so hope to be visiting and commenting more regularly. Have a happy 2019! 


  1. Happy New Year, Dotsie! Retired life will be an adventure, I'm sure. We have a few more years to go, but it comes up in conversation more and more. How do we make the most of our time? How should we get involved? and so on. I always enjoy my visits to your blog. Thank you for sharing bits of your life with us.

  2. Your grandaughter's painting is just delightful, worthy of a place in an Art Gallery, I think.

  3. Happy Retirement! I always longed for John to retire, but he just got more and more busy. I know that you folks will find the balance.

  4. Happy retirement to your husband, Dotsie! We personally have never been busier since my husband retired. It's an adventure that I am sure you both will enjoy. Your granddaughter's painting looks lovely in your window. Happy New Year! ♥

  5. Happy Retirement and a very Happy New Year to you and yours. As I put away Christmas this year I will be weeding out some things I haven't added from the stash for a few years. Always good to keep downsizing stuff.

  6. It seems like there are a few of us the same boat...retirement (at least getting ready) wonderful for you! That is also in the plans for us as we begin the process of getting our home ready for the market, hopefully this spring. I will be taking my tree down today as well...I already have everything else packed away but wanted a few more evenings gazing at the tree since next year there will most likely not be room for one in our! Your sweet grand girl should be very proud of that lovely doubt something that you will cherish and display for years to come. I hope that you and The Gardener's new lifestyle is filled with much excitement and contentment as you move forward to this next stage! Many blessings to you in 2019!

  7. I always enjoy reading your blogs so much and feel as if we've had a special visit as I read your words and see your photos. It always brings joy to my day and a respite.

  8. Happy retirement! I know you’ll find a way to still be used by the Lord. Happy New Year!

  9. Nice to see your blog title as I contemplate doing a bullet journal this year! I know I need to start thinking about taking down the decorations but can't quite face it yet. Maybe this weekend . . . Blessings as you begin the retirement years. Happy New Year to you. xo Deborah

  10. Best wishes on your new adventure--Retirement! When my husband retired 9 years ago he took over some of the cooking and administrative work, so my in a sense I was retired, too. Wishing you good health and many joyous times together!

  11. It is always a joy to hear from you and hear bits of what is going on in your life. Retirement!! What an exciting change for you both! Ron talks about retirement a lot; he has a tentative plan. I think that those years can be full of joy and meaning when we are walking with Him.

    I love the painting by your granddaughter! It brought a smile to my face as you told of her joy in giving and yours in receiving! Precious!

  12. Podso,
    I enjoyed this post of bullet thoughts, immensely!
    Congratulations, to the Gardener on his official retirement!
    I, too, am still in the process of downsizing.
    Like you, I am giving 'stuff' to those whom find joy in its being.
    Precious painting by your grand!
    May this be your happiest New Year, ever!

  13. Stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year and I get to enjoy peeks into your highlights of the past year as well as the delightful art gift from your granddaughter. All of our decor is finally packed and stored. Feels so good :)

  14. Happy New Year, Dot! Having a five year old granddaughter myself, I can imagine the joy your granddaughter had presenting you with her painting. Their joy is so precious! Happy retirement to your husband. Since my husband and I have been retired we have been busier than ever, but I have to say it is nice to not feel the pressure of having to do something if we don't want to.

  15. What a delightful end-of-year post - beautiful photos and mood. That 5-yr-old painting looks to be a natural for a window display, so bright and dramatic.

    Happy New Year!


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