Tuesday, September 24, 2019

because of a sweater

I may be the only female who has nodded off watching the newly-released Downton Abbey.
And it's all because of a sweater. 
In spite of the blistering heat we still are enduring 
(yes, that's the best word--enduring), the contrasting air conditioning inside 
buildings can actually feel too cold for me. Thus a sweater comes along to church, 
movies, and other places where I may sit awhile. 

We viewed the film with a group of my sister's and her hubby's friends while 
we were visiting them.  I never dreamed I'd fall asleep, as I often am known to do, 
since I was sitting next to people I don't know that well. 
And certainly not at the long-awaited Downton Abbey.

I tried leaning forward in my seat. But eventually I sat back for more comfort 
and tossed my sweater over my front like a blanket since I was cold. 
I started to get warm and cozy. That's all it took.

I don't think I missed much, but I did miss the royals' arrival. 
I can't believe it.  (I hope I'll see it again.)

It was so enjoyable, for the most part. And, my, "how the children have grown." 
It nicely tidied up a few story lines, but left us with some new questions.  
So maybe ....

Note to self: next time leave sweater home and plan to chill.

(Photo: Jefferson Davis' last home.)


  1. I haven't seen it yet but my daughter assures me it is very good! My sweater goes to church, too. Wishing you well!

  2. How funny! I haven't seen it yet, but it is very much around here in our cinemas.

  3. Hi Dotsie,

    Yes, enduring is exactly the right word. I'm so over this heat, although today has seemed a little better. My friend, I can't believe you dozed off in "Downton Abbey". :D I shouldn't say a word; one year I fell asleep during our local N.C. School of the Arts production of "The Nutcracker" because I had eaten a big meal and it was very warm in there. ;) My mom and I plan to see Downton Abby -- we can't wait!

    Thanks so much for your visit and have a great week!



  4. P.S. The colorful maple tree is from several years ago. I hope we have some good color this year.


  5. I am so looking forward to seeing the Downton Abbey movie. But falling asleep is something I would do. I once had to see the movie "A Passage to India" for a college class I was taking. I went with my boyfriend and spent the entire movie asleep on his shoulder. He had to tell me what the movie was about.

  6. Dotsie, I didn't exactly doze, but I came close to it several times, not because I was not interested, but because I tired when I started. (Life has been so busy lately!) I saw the movie with two of my daughters last night . . . such fun! I agree that it was "enjoyable, for the most part." Wouldn't it be great to have another one in a few years?

  7. Oh Dotsie, I agree about the "enduring" heat of this summer. I'm so over it. Today is much better, only in the 80's! I can understand getting cozy at the movies. The last movie I went to was with the grands and the seats were comfortable recliners!

  8. Oh I feel the same way about AC sometimes... I can't believe that you missed the King and Queen! ☺ Too funny! Yes, I'm sure that you'll get another chance.

  9. Boy, you sure don't know how much I can relate to the "cold" thing. I as well, seem to be chilled most of the time when I am in A/C...I find myself having to go outside in the "blistering heat", although I don't think ours has been as blistering as yours down yonder, to get comfortable sometimes. I have lost so much of my "fat" blanket this past year and I think that must be why because I was always the HOT one...lol! Haven't you lost a lot of weight recently? By the way, I saw Downton yesterday where the theater has recliners...I was not cold (I came prepared with a long-ish sleeve shirt on), I went by myself AND I didn't nod off once, which was a surprise to me since I didn't sleep well the night before. I did enjoy it very much and even though I saw it all, I'd love to see it again.

  10. My mom actually now always takes a blanket because she gets so cold! I'm sorry you dozed off in a movie you've been waiting to see! You'll just have to go again!

  11. This made me smile! I haven't seen the movie yet, but am planning on going on Oct 4 with my daughters and daughter-in-law as we will all be in town! I'm itching to see it, and I'll make sure I'm not too warm!

  12. How very funny ... Must go and see the movie too. No sweater ;)

  13. I can't wait to see it! The sweater is a nice reminder. I'm going to a luncheon today and probably need to take one. You encouraged me to start going to these again and I'm so glad I did. Sweet hugs...warm hugs...Diane

  14. Oh dear girl, that sweater must be cozy indeed! I have to drive 70 miles to see the movie so it hasn't happened yet.

  15. Podso,
    Point taken.
    How not to wear a sweater!
    Too, too funny!

  16. I can't stay awake while reading! I can fall asleep watching a DVD in my recliner, but sleeping in a theater seat (did it recline?!) is not one to which I can lay claim. :-)

  17. Hello, I usually take a jacket to wear inside the air conditioned buildings. It is too cold. I have been seeing the advertisements for the new Downtown Abbey movie. It looks good. Thanks for the comment and visit. Enjoy your day and weekend!

  18. I can't wait to see the movie - Steve has no desire to see it so I'm going with my neighbor next week. I will bring a sweater though because I tend to freeze in theaters.

  19. Too funny! We'll go see it later this month. And you can be sure I'll think of you when we do! :D I wish people wouldn't go into overkill on the AC during hot weather. There's no logic in it, is there?


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