Thursday, April 26, 2018

fleeting april

I was looking forward to a quiet April, but it turned into a busy month that sped by.
Spring came slowly because of cold weather and was as lovely as ever.
The month included a book club meeting. The book: A Gentleman in Moscow.
Our hostess had been to Russia several times so graced her table with
beautiful Russian china, mementos, and special treats.
It was not my most favorite book, but I read it in a scattered manner so
didn't give it the time it needed. It was full of worthwhile quotes, such as:
"No matter how much time passes, 
those we have loved never slip away from us entirely."
Towards the end of the month we enjoyed having the grands with us
for four days. Here's a few snippets:
Playing in Grandpa's newly rebuilt garden.
And with Grandma's Ginny and Jill dolls!
A visit to the Highland Games to see friends play their bagpipes.
Amazing to hear 15 bands play Amazing Grace
And here comes May!


  1. Can you believe that May will be here in a few days? The Russian china and that table scape is just stunning!
    Raised garden beds are really the way to go, right? And there's nothing more lovely than Amazing Grace played on bag pipes. May I ask about the houses in your banner?

  2. It's nice to see another one of your book club meetings. The Russian china is quite lovely on that Battenburg lace tablecloth. I like how your group ties it all to the book you've read.
    I like your husband's raised beds. It's really a great way to garden. Your dolls must be really happy to have your granddaughter bring them out to play. The photo of their shoes all lined up is darling! ♥

  3. Oh how I would have loved to join you for the Russian tea. It looks so lovely. Having the grands around is the best. And now on to May and (hopefully) warmer weather.

  4. Those dishes are so pretty. Looks like you did have a busy month. I hate to say we had a horrible April. So wet and cold this year.

  5. "Fleeting" is a good word for April! I cannot believe that May is nearly here . . .

    You have given us some glimpses of some lovely April moments. Time spent with the grands is always a treasure! Love the little doll shoes all lined up!

  6. This spring has sped past sooooo quickly! Oh, Dotsie, the books we've read in book club have been... well, not so great to me. That said, one of our ladies recommended A Gentleman in Moscow as one I would LOVE. Now, I'm a little less hopeful. Ha! I do love the table setting!

    Oh, what grand times with your grands! They are growing up too quickly. Gary's garden beds are wonderful. I only have one bed that I have a few herbs planted in. Our yard is so shaded, not much hope of any vegetables. The farmer's daughter in me misses having them. I cannot imagine how AMAZING the sound of 15 bagpipe bands playing Amazing Grace. I get goosebumps just thinking about it (even just one playing it gives me goosebumps).

    So glad you enjoyed such sweet times with your Little Loves. Those shoes... all lined up... waiting for the next sweet visit...

    We welcome the gifts of May... blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  7. A beautifully set table! What a treat even though it couldn't be counted as one of your favorite reads. We had a busy month with grandchildren, too. The Gardener's garden looks like a winner for sure--pretty and utilitarian.

  8. I'm so glad it's finally warming up here, even though it's the end of April! Thank you!

  9. I read that book up to the point where it seemed he was talking about suicide, then I walked away from it. Maybe I should've stuck around? Nah. First part I enjoyed though.

  10. I have that book on my to-read list, but after your comment and Melissa's I'll probably skip it. There are too many other good books. The Russian china (Lomonosov) is gorgeous. My daughter collects it.

  11. The table sure is gorgeous for your book club meeting! I thought of you this week. I went to a ladies luncheon. (I'm checking in with you to let you know I'm being more social! heehee) Love the photo of your granddaughter with your cute dollies! Hugs!

  12. April flew by with some warm spring days and some cold unspring days! Looking forward to May.

    The china is beautiful!

  13. The days do fly warm or cold it doesn’t seem to matter.

  14. That flew too fast! I was going to wish you a beautiful May. 💐

  15. And just like that April is gone. That must have been amazing to hear all those pipes play Amazing Grace. That last photo is fun...

  16. It always amazes me how fast time goes by now.
    I hope you have a lovely May!


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