Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kitchen Duty

I was back in my old friend's kitchen. Not much had changed in 20 years except that she had removed a wall from her kitchen.  We drank many a cup of tea there while our young boys played war, built forts, forged streams, caught frogs, and all the other things boys love to do. Now I was back for a visit, and once again at her table having a cup of tea. The two years that we lived near each other were intense as we shared the pioneer spirit of homeschooling our children  when we knew no others doing such a thing. Our friendship because of kindred spirits grew deep and we have stayed connected while separated by many miles. Watching her clean up the kitchen, I was mesmerized. She washed her dishes and pans in a way that seemed so familiar to me--she must have a particular way with her hands that I remembered. I realized that I love to watch someone's hands at work in a sink almost as much as I love to wash dishes. (Washing dishes is one of my favorite things to do!)

The other night, back here in town we had finished dinner and once again I watched as a friend cleaned up her kitchen. (One may wonder, "Why I am always watching, not working?")  I realized she also had a particular way she worked with her hands--wringing out her dishrag and mopping up her countertops; washing and rinsing the wine glasses; setting out a clean towel to air dry them; shining her sink when she finished––I could have watched her work for a long time, it was so relaxing. Maybe it's vicarious, since I really do love to wash dishes!

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