Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Last night I was visiting "across the street."  We were playing with Max, a tiny dog that visits our house. I said good-bye and turned to leave, but as I did my name was quickly called. "Look! Someone wants to say good-bye!" I turned and there was this little guy, standing on the curb, hand curved in a wave, waiting for me to notice. I bid Sam good-bye, he waved his bye, and, mission accomplished, promptly turned to head for the house. 

It's been fun this year to watch Sam grow from a baby into a toddler who delights to ride his little bike backwards down the driveway incline, laughing all the time!

As I listened to the sound of children playing yesterday, I realized how much we will miss this little family when they move soon. Change...augh! 

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  1. Sam's mom gets a little teary at the thought of moving- I echo the "augh!"


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