Friday, May 23, 2008

Back Atcha

Every Christmas we get a gift from a particular company we do some work for. It used to be a stack of colorful boxes filled with fruits, candies, and nuts, topped with a worth-saving-to-be-used-again-bow, but the last two years its been a gift card to a restaurant.  You would know it--they all look the same with their beautifully tuscan-style decorations, so that once inside you could easily forget what city you are in.

For some reason we had not used our gift card yet. We decided maybe the reason we hadn't was because we needed to give it to someone else. So we did (with our baby sitting skills thrown into the gift). It would have been fun to use, but it was more fun to give it away.

Not fourteen hours later, the following morning at work, I received a mini-bonus. A gift card, same amount, for the same restaurant if I desired. 

Now, it doesn't always work that way, but when it does, I look up ....

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