Friday, May 30, 2008

all quiet

"Knock- knock" came a soft pounding on our front door. I wondered why whoever was there wasn't ringing the bell. Opening the door I found the kids from across the street holding out a huge tomato. They were dressed in their pjs, ready for a long drive up to the next state. Hopefully they would fall asleep in the car and then be taken right to the waiting beds at their grandparents' house.

This is the weekend their daddy is going to preach at the new church where they are moving. I think Jack and Kayla are beginning to grasp the reality of their coming move. "I know how we will keep in touch," Jack offered, "Letters in the mail,  packages, and emails."  He had thought it all out, obviously. Or talked to his mom.

"And," danced his younger sister, "through our blog. You can read about us and see our pictures  that we put on." (She's beginning to work on her photography skills.)

It's pretty quiet on our street this weekend. I told their mom this would be good practice for us, for when they really do leave in a few weeks. But we'll keep in touch ...

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