Thursday, May 29, 2008

Double Nickels

Lydia Grace changed ages the other day (she actually told us all she now is double nickels--that's a taste of her sense of humor if you don't know her) and we had a tea party. (Lydia Grace's hands are in the lower left of the photo.) The focus of our gathering was to celebrate LG, her life, and our friendship. It also is just a good chance to get together as friends, and eat some goodies. 

I tried decorating deliciously-chocolate cupcakes and, for a first try, it went pretty well. I dug into my cupboards and came up with a box of "20 Throw-a-way Cake Decorating Forcing Bags with 3 decorating nozzles." They did the job nicely. And it was lovely, when I finished, to guiltlessly throw the sticky bag away. Eldest Son's girlfriend walked into the kitchen and saw the box. "That must be old," she commented.  I asked her why she thought that. "Because of the words 'forcing bag.' It sounds ancient." 

I thought Cara might be right. Upon further examination, I noticed the box was labeled "Hutzler-Gerda C. 1986."  Guess I haven't done much cake decorating in the last 22 years!


  1. Ok, Bonnie admitted to being the one in blue (I already knew she had great hair from another photo she'd sent me ages ago in an email), but would you be the one at the head of the great tea table? Or were you behind the camera? ;)

    Such a girlie time. I hope you realize how fortunate you girls are to have one another to do things like that with. I envy that, but love being able to sneak in your celebrations.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Anonymous7:32 AM

    And a lovely time was had by all..


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