Thursday, May 15, 2008

Announcing ...

Last month ... or was it two months ago ... when we were in Florida, my mother, my sister, and I visited a dear friend one morning. As we were sipping tea in her bright and sunny kitchen, Anta brought out some family "heirlooms."
Among them were a large stash of birth announcements from children born through the years into her extended family. I believe Anta's mother had saved them all. Since my sister and I were becoming grandmothers soon (Lulu for the third time), Anta thought we'd enjoy a look.

These vintage birth announcements were fascinating to read. Most were from the forties to the sixties and had such cute sayings. It was obvious back then that no one knew the sex of the baby before arrival!  And I wondered at the joy behind each announcement ... the joy of a new family member that rippled to the extended family ... friends ... and community! Yes, the wonder of a newborn! We certainly enjoyed our step back to another time!

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