Thursday, October 04, 2012

since birth

The day I turned 16 we were packing to leave the only home I had known. My father would not let me tell anyone the news of our move until he had announced it to his congregation. My very best friend was on her family vacation at the time. I remember writing a letter that would be waiting her arrival back home, so she would hear the news from me first. We had been friends since I was born, if that's possible! She was six months older, and "waiting for me" in the church nursery when my mother first brought me there. Our parents were friends and colleagues. Maybe that's why we formed an instant attachment. The first 16 years of our lives we were inseparable. Then I moved away, and at the same time she began dating a young man she would later marry. I came back to be in their wedding; she missed mine as her first child was due on our wedding date.
We've always kept in touch, and seen each other occasionally over the years. We've been e-mailing quite a bit this year as it is the centennial anniversary of the church we grew up in, where she has attended all her life. We are having a ball scanning in old photos and remembering ...

Last week we had dinner with S. and her husband in their home. I was amazed. The starters, the meal, the dessert, her china and table setting, her love of blue and white ... could have been mine. I told her I felt like I was at home. How could we be so alike? We happen to both in the middle of three sisters, we're both nurses, we both are the care-givers to our parents, we both have ended up being writers, and editors ... we both have tall husbies ... and so the comparisons could go on.
It's interesting to think about what our friendship would be like if I had never moved. Even so, we've kept close, writing letters, cards at birthdays and holidays. It's one of those friendships where you just pick up where you left off. What a joy. But I'm still pondering our visit. I think what tickled me the most was when she offered cheese as a topping on her apple pie. That is my favorite, but when I suggest it, people here in the south look at me like I'm a bit crazeee.


  1. Oh my friend, I loved your story, about you and your best friend! Sometimes we don't need to live next to each other to feel so much for one another. I can't believe so much in common you both have, not even twins do!! Did she retire too? Pictures are the best memory keepers, I love looking at them from time to time. My best friend from NY is always on Fb, but when I go there I visit her, but I visit others too who live there now too. Grace and I also have 2 daughters, one married and one single, and 2 grands; we have a mother, we have only one brother named Joe, our b'days are in Oct. 14 and mine the 20th., same year too, 1952 and finally, we both have tall hubbies with green eyes, lol..
    PS: Love the blue collection too.

  2. Ok...first off...CHEESE on an APPLE PIE!?!? Seriously?!?!? :) Actually it reminds me of a running joke between J and me. He puts cheese on my scratch-made pound cake...which also totally baffles me. Apple pie is his all time favorite dessert. I'll have to suggest he try adding cheese next time and see what he says :) Oh - and what a blessing to still be in touch with your childhood friend...that really is rare!

  3. Oh cheese...a good cheddar cheese, is so good on apple pie! How far away does this lady live? If you are Anne of Green Gables, she is surely your Diana.

  4. How wonderful that you have kept in touch all these years!

  5. How wonderful that you and your childhood friend still have a wonderful bond of friendship and faith. As for cheese on apple pie? It's a tradition up here in eastern Canada! Canadian cheddar of course. Our reunion of college girls will take place here in a couple of weeks. Three of them have been dear friends for over 40 years!

  6. How nice to have such a good friend and find you're both so much alike in adulthood.
    We've always had cheddar cheese on apple pie; I thought it might have been an English tradition passed down. Heated just a bit to soften the cheese and it's delicious.

  7. Friends are a gift from God. I really liked that you shared this story . I love cheese but I dislike apple pie. Smiles, Dottie

  8. Such a lovely story and wonderful chance for you both to catch up with each other!

    I had the opposite happen to me..I stayed in Brooklyn but my best friend moved away to Florida with her family. Sadly, we did not keep in touch for long afterwards. I often wonder how she is--I wonder if she does the same about me?

  9. Friends and they way they a gift from God for sure. I've never had cheese on apple pie...but then I'm lactose intolerant. I don't know what I'm missing...

  10. I have always heard about cheese on apple pie and one of these days I will give it a try. Cheddar right? Cheese and apples are naturals together...

  11. Apple pie without the cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze. My dad said that since I can remember. Mom always got a squeeze out of it!

    Those God-given friends are special beyond years. I enjoyed the story of yours.


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