Tuesday, October 23, 2012

about the shoes

Only another blogger can truly understand the community and friendships that form through blogging. It's like living on the same street with other persons who come out of their houses and chat over the fences on a regular basis. They share stories, ideas, crafts, thoughts and so on. The one thing about blogging, though, is that you can pick and choose what you talk about. That might not be so easy in a real life neighborhood.

So it warmed my heart when a bloggie friend emailed me during the day I retired from my nursing job. She was thinking about me for she also had retired from nursing and "got" what I was going through. It meant so much. Thank you T.

Then last week I received a card (see photo) in the mail with a familiar sweeping penmanship --- for I had heard from this friend before. In fact, she helped me figure out what to do about my mantle-less fireplace. She also was remembering my retirement and wrote me a whole lovely note about shoes--the ones I would put away and the new ones I would put on. What sweet thoughts she cheered me with as I ponder this new life and adjust to the changes and the "hole" I feel in my life right now. And as I figure out the new shoes to wear. Thank you H!

It's not that I haven't been busy --- way too busy in fact. So I haven't had time to fully take in what I have done. I've purposely not jumped into a lot of things. I want to take my time and just see how life plays out for now. The feeling that something is missing may continue for awhile, but I will add that there is great pleasure in not having to work weekends!

Just a few minutes after the Gardener and I sat on our bed with my laptop--a few months ago, made our final decision about my retirement and pressed the "yes" box to SS,  I happened to read a blog post of another bloggie friend who that very week had retired from her job. She shared a poem that has come to mean so much to me in this new adventure. It was like the hand of God tapping my shoulder in approval. Thank you P.

The Dawn of Something New
The morning sun warms my face, while the daily grass washes my feet. 
I am renewed, and for the first time in a long time, I breathe fresh air deep 
into my body and my noisy being quiets. 
Suddenly, my ears awaken and I hear your clear voice. Love overwhelms me and 
the trees and rocks and mountains celebrate. 
Touch me dear Lord, give me peace beyond understanding, joy unspeakable and 
unwavering faith for the journey.

Author Unknown


  1. That is a perfect poem for such times of change. Change is not always a bad thing. In fact, much of the time, it is a very good thing. I'm cheering you on as you make the choices about this new life of yours. (Hope that you take a mini-vacation even if it's a mini-staycation to slow down and rest and give yourself the gift of time to do not very much at all.)

  2. I haven't retired from anything, but I went through similar feelings about losing my teaching job.

    I still have nightmares about that from time to time.

    BUT - - - the water is FINE this side of full time employment. I know the Lord will bring the right activities into your life and you will continue to find fulfillment.

    I'm pulling for you!

    Love the shoes.

  3. i have also "retired' from my nursing job recently and am experiencing many of the same feelings.(actually my job was done away with...we decided that it was time for me to "retire")
    it's been good but it's been different, I am still finding my way...you will too

  4. :) That card made me very happy each time I looked at it.
    Thank you for the poem - it's a keeper.
    I still have nearly two years before retirement and find that the time is starting to run very quickly through the hour glass. Oh, do I have plans for the coming years!

  5. The poem is so touching, I think we can all identify with it. When I retired, I had a baby in my arms and that kept me very busy. You will be surprised at how fast you fill up your dance card. I wish you all the best!


  6. What sweet gestures from people you only know online.
    I have the deepest respect and appreciation for nurses and those who have retired from nursing. I have spent many months around hospitals when my loved ones were ill and eventually passed away.Thank you for all of those long hours that you spent caring for strangers.
    I appreciate the online friendships, too, they are the only people who really "get" what I enjoy doing in life.

  7. A beautiful card and poem. Blog friends are amazing aren't they? I know your retirement will be a blessed time of refreshment and renewal. And I expect you will find lots to do too. :) Blessings.

  8. Podso- Do you have a link to your yellow and grey bedroom? I'd love to see what you did with yours.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  9. How lovely blogland can be, full of encouragement and friendship. The poem is wonderful, one that I plan to copy out for myself.

  10. This is such a lovely post. Retirement does bring one the freedom to choose what activities to be involved with. I hope as you did in the past, that in the future you will find your true calling for retirement. I wouldn't be surprised if it involves helping people in some way...after all old habits are heard to break. Here's to your future!

  11. You know Laura Ingalls Wilder started her Little House books when she was about your age. ( a bit older than me but I am right behind you) I always think of that of the rich harvest to come in the days ahead.

  12. Podso,
    Thank you, dear friend. Question from my e~mail to you has been answered. Take time to adjust to your newest position...retired! That poem speaks volumes to me, too! When God is in control...our lives are filled with abundant blessings!

  13. The poem you shared at the bottom of your post....brought tears to my eyes. How very special! There is a balm in Gilead....

  14. That's truly great that people from blogging circle showed you..They are like old friends..

    Slowly I am sure you will enjoy your retirement more..

  15. I enjoyed the poem also. I like Blondie had my son's new baby to rock all day while his mommy was at work. That helped. You will find your way!! God is good!

  16. When all these signs come to you at once, you know you've chosen the right path. Slowing down is a very good thing in this world of chaos and craziness. Enjoy! Blessings, Tammy

  17. Great poem...and so many of us going through changes, some unexpected, and yet it still can be awkward

    The blogging world...I so agree

  18. I was thinking of Tanna today and left a new comment on her blog telling her that!

    Yes, it is hard in the beginning when we leave our nursing careers because for so long it was a big part of ho were are. You will slowly get used to it though, Dotsie, as other things begin to fill up your days.

    I am making a big change soon, and I have to admit I'm nervous about moving away from a place I've lived my entire life, but my new role of full time grandbaby sitter is something I'm looking forward to and wouldn't trade fro any other job right now ;)

  19. You have been making good use of your newfound time, Dotsie!! Glad to be back so I can keep up!! xoxo ~ t.


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