Sunday, October 28, 2012

Progress part two

Progress has been made on the new guest room. After a search for window treatments,
I realized maybe the same color as the wall would be just right, and I think it is.
 There are no yellow curtains to be found, and I didn't feel like sewing something.
These were cheap but will work at least for now. 
In the window area is the large traditional stool we brought from West Africa.
The changes from the last post are subtle. I found shams after a dramatic
search deep, deep into the back of the shelves at T. M.'s ... it was the only actual
pair (two of a kind) I could find, and exactly what I wanted. And reduced in price! 
Quilted dresser scarves were perfect to go along with the bed quilt, and
I love aqua so much I had to add that pop of color. I looked a lot for something
round to go over the bed, and suddenly realized what I wanted was hanging in
our porch. I may paint it white, not sure.
I discovered a favorite family photo in my parents' boxes.
I'm so happy to have it in a simple frame, hanging in this room.
Baby brother was in Mom's tummy, but I love the
rest of us sitting with our collie dog in front of the house
our dad built us, back in the idyllic fifties.

I think I'm done for now unless we sometime find the perfect headboard.
Joining Mary's Monday Mosaics, and trusting everyone will be safe in this monster storm.


  1. The room is so beautiful! I LOVE the color and the bedding, the window and the framed family photo... well I love it all :)

  2. Love that photo!!! It reminds of me an iconic TV show:)


  3. Love it even more than I did a few days ago! I'm using lots of the aqua/turquoise accents at my house too :)

  4. Dotsie, the room looks even cozier now. Your company won't want to leave!
    I love your old family photo.

  5. It looks so clean and cheerful. I love your bedding, too! The colors are soft and inviting. I think a bedroom should be calming. Sweet hugs!

  6. Love the way the colors POP in your guest room. You're so talented. :) And have a knack for "cozy"....

  7. You have done a wonderful job decorating this room Dotsie. It looks very cozy and comfortable. How great that you found the shams and dresser scarves to match. I hope you won't be affected by the big storm. We are to get a lot of rain here. Have a great week. Pamela

  8. I love your family photo, Dotsie. It is such a sweet pose, complete with the dog.

    Your guest bedroom looks so pretty, cheerful and comfortable--love it!

  9. The room looks so cosy and welcoming. Friends and family will love to stay in it! I've just done up a blue and yellow bedroom - there's something so cheery and welcoming about yellow. I wish we had a TM here, but I always have a good look around the one in Everett when we go south of the border.

  10. That room looks so restful and elegant. It has turned out so beautifully. I am smiling to think of all the sweet things you found either shopping the house or out and about. It's a God breeze when you find something on sale like that and it's just what you were looking for.

    (Don't tell me that you had a collie growing up?! So did we. In fact, my parents raised collies for a couple of years. Two very happy years for my sister and me as I recall. Collie puppies all over the place!)

  11. What a restful place for your guests. They will just walk in and feel relaxed. I love the touches of aqua you've included.
    And a great photo of your family from days long gone. Those photos become more precious through the years, don't they?

  12. That room is absolutely perfect! I love the family photo, that's a treasure for sure. It's all gorgeous!

  13. So serene and lovely. And that family photo is a true treasure. So glad you are able to display it in your pretty guest room. Best wishes for a wonderful new week. Tammy

  14. what a lovely room. Your guests will love it. Isn't it wonderful to rediscover a treasured family photo. Have a wonderful week.

  15. Your visitors will be delighted to stay in such a charming room. It's always wonderful to find just the right touches to compliment the room within one's own home and the family photo is the icing on the cake!

  16. nice your stool!

  17. Love the quilt on the bed, so pretty! Sometimes small changes can make a big difference. Laura

  18. Podso,
    Your guest room looks restful, peaceful, tranquil!All the things a guest room should be! Well done!!!

  19. How sweet and cozy! I love rooms with interesting walls!
    What a fabulous photo!Yes you are right... idyllic!


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