Sunday, October 07, 2012

color in the rain

 Today's cool, gray weather reminds me of our day in Chicago two weeks ago. 
I have to say I enjoyed the rain and the clouds and sitting in a coffee shop watching 
the people pass by. I also noticed how many were on their cell phones, whether 
it was walking down a people-packed street, or riding the train into the city. People seem so 
connected to technology they don't even notice the real people around them.
I noticed spots of color midst the gray weather and buildings, such as the orchestra pavilion. 
And I think this building with the cheery windows was my favorite of all!
Please visit Mary's Little Red House to see more mosaics!


  1. My eldest son lives very close to "the bean" and I don't think he even notices it! Almost everyone ignores our great city! Technology gets in the way : )

  2. I love Chicago ... one of my favorite cities. You are right about the technology. People miss so much being *connected*.

  3. I noticed in the Toronto Star a couple of weeks ago that the Mayor of Toronto had his picture taken by by shiny bubble over the skating rink. I love to sit and have coffee watching people go by. Valerie

  4. Pretty buildings with all the color...I like your windows- building favorite a lot, too. We do seem to need to be attached to something...the tv, the radio, the computer, the phone...

  5. People watching, one of my favourite pastimes, and you're right - young and old all have some sort of gadget they're working their thumbs over. I wonder if this tech phase will go full circle back to people actually talking to each other face to face?

  6. I don't ignore Chicago. I love the city. And, unless I'm meeting someone, my cell phone is never turned on!! Chicago has had a very busy weekend with sports and a marathon. It has been rather "nippy" around here as well.

    You are about to start your first full week of retirement.


  7. It is such a shame how connected people are. A person walked right out in front of my car the other day while on her phone - scary!

    Love the mosaics!


  8. You are so right...people miss so much while talking on their cells. I for one stop and duck into a doorway or find a quiet spot, I can't concentrate. So much to be said about multitaskers!

    I love people watching, too. We were recently on the 15th floor of a building downtown watching the antics of some people in a rooftop garden. It was like a scene from Rear Window!


  9. Wonderful mosaics! I love the architecture and the street art (the silver thing??) I would like to see Chicago some day. It looks like a facinating city. Have a great week!

  10. Podso,
    I love the gray building with multipe windows...makes the hues in the windows and the lights pop !!! I, too, often wonder if many are missing the beautiful world around them because of too much technology to distract! Lovely photos!!!

  11. I haven't been to Chicago in 16 years..these are pretty..and yes, so attached to technology they miss what is around them...I hope it comes into balance

  12. I love Chicago! It's such a walkable town with so mnay interesting points of interest to see.

  13. I've only been to Chicago once - many, many years ago. Your photos show some of the lovely spots. Watching people is something I love to do, too.

  14. lovely photos. You are correct about cell phones ! people are constantly talking or texting into the phones !


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