Thursday, October 25, 2012

a work in progress

      I was busy last week getting a spare bedroom into shape for weekend guests. Sometimes a push is what you need. But I first was waiting for the carpenter to repair a wall before the painting could begin. After the painting, the mattress could be moved from its temporary home in our dining room to where it was intended to be.
      I love the gray color of the walls, but it teased me as I painted, for it looked so blue. The room is larger than it looks and after two coats of paint I felt like I had run a marathon. We "shopped the house" for things to use in the room. The only exception so far is the GW lamp next to the bed. I was amazed to even find a gray bedskirt tucked away in a drawer. The quilt is an old one given to me by a good friend. I think I like yellow and gray color scheme and am seeing it more and more. Here are the "befores and afters."

 Still needed: window treatments, some sort of headboard, shams and more appropriate coverings on the dresser and old sewing machine table, and some pictures on the wall. So stay tuned for another installment.


  1. Very pretty! Your hard work paid off. I had a quilt similar to yours, in pink though, but almost the same pattern. Sadly it fell apart from use! I like that you shopped the house. Everything looks wonderful and your guests will feel right at home! :)


  2. Oh how is looking great...enjoy!

  3. The room looks very comfortable with the soothing gray color. Window treatments are so hard for me to choose.


  4. Very restful room and so pretty. I would never have imagined a gray and yellow color scheme, though it seems perfect. What a great accomplishment getting the room ready. Now all you have to do is enjoy your guests!

  5. It looks like a nice bedroom, Dotsie. I love the windows and the new wall pain. The yellow quilt is very cheerful.

  6. Yellow and gray look wonderful together. Your decorating is so fresh, and LOVE the before/afters. :)

  7. Looks cozy! I know what you mean about grey paint looking blue - it happened in our bathroom.

    I'm sure that your guests will enjoy their stay!

  8. LOVE the gray and yellow combo! We painted our master gray...I'm convinced it is THE best bedroom calming :) Your guests are in for a treat!

  9. Ooooo I LOVE this room, I may have to schedule a trip to CNC so I can STAY in it.

    Hey - - - my parents had a quilt on their bed which is very similar to this one, only theirs is of baskets instead of leaves, and under each is embroidered the name of the family which produced each basket. It is very old, having been given to them early in their marriage by the ladies' of one of their first churches. Dad is/was a pastor you know.

  10. Podso,
    Love the grey walls! Through the dormered window it does appear blue. I adore the arrangement of the furniture and can't wait to see what art pieces you chose for the walls! Installment two is intriquing!

  11. You are off to a good start! I love your dormer windows!

  12. Our home is painted with a number of gray walls and they do look blue in some light. But that's okay by me, since I love blue. Gray and yellow make for a wonderful combination. That's such a pretty quilt.

    Are you enjoying having time to putter?

  13. What a lovely bright room! I like the dormer windows. The quilt adds a homey touch along with the old sewing machine table. It's fun to do a project like that and I work really well under pressure too. :) Enjoy the weekend and your guests.

  14. I love the colours that you are using, the grey walls are beautiful. The room looks very cozy and comfy! It'll be wonderful when it's finished.
    Hugs, Cindy

  15. Hi Dotsie
    Interesting angles to this room making it a unique place for guests to sleep. Nothing says comfort and cozy like a quilt on the bed, I like the pattern.
    In my quest for low maintenance, all our windows have Calif. shutters on them - so easy to clean but they lack the softness draperies provide.

  16. Beautiful room and I love the quilt!

  17. Hi Podso, I'm your newest fan...can't wait to dig into your old posts! Have a great weekend!


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