Friday, March 18, 2011

shopping day soup

Seems like when I come home with an armful of fresh vegetables from the market, I'm ready to cook. Seems like when I've been away from home for awhile, I'm eager to cook. Seems like when I have a day off of work and lunch time is approaching, I get a yen to cook. Seems like my favorite way to cook is to look at what I have and go for it. There is nothing more relaxing for me than to let some creativity flow on to the stove top and make it up as I go along.

Mom came for lunch and I asked her how cauliflower soup sounded. "Great!" I went to work ... the bones of the soup was the cauliflower.

First came simmering cauliflower with carrots, for I found some carrots in the frig needing to be used.

Then browning onions with garlic and, on yes, bell peppers I also found in the frig. I throw in some fresh spinach whenever possible, for it makes it all so pretty. Pepper, some chicken buillon seasoning, etc.

Toss in the big blender to puree with a little more chicken paste, milk, pepper and whatever else it might need to taste the way you like it ... and a pretty peach color develops. The darker green is the stir fried veggies all blended together.  Stir the two purees together, add some sour cream and white wine and heat through.
Serve hot, warm, cool or cold with a dollop of sour cream. A pretty color with tiny flecks of orange, red and green. The  Gardener loves cream soup, which we all know is not that good for us. So I can fool him with this soup ... thick and creamy, but oh so healthy.

Mom did ask why it wasn't white as one would think cauliflower soup might be.

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  1. Wow! That looks so good. I may give it a try!

  2. Dotsie,

    Looks great. I have been in a real cooking mode. Today I am making wild mushroom soup and I will make up the recipe as I go along!


  3. Oooh, this looks delicious (and very good for you). You seem to like to cook in the very same manner I do, Dotsie! "What can I make from this?" My family teases me about needing to have a show about how to make something from nothing (that's THEIR perception--there's ALWAYS something!). ha! And, my favorite times to cook run parallel to yours. I am amused at how blogging has introduced kindred spirits to my life. I am grateful.

    Your cauliflower soup looks like a blue ribbon creation to me.

    Love your mom's comment about the color. =) Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Blessings ~ Tanna

  4. May I have a bowl please? Looks divine!

  5. Mmmmm! I'll have a bowl, too, please!

    Soup is too often overlooked!


  6. Is it just my imagination or does that dollop of sour cream look like a heart? This is one of my favorite soups! Whatever looks like it might work goes in and keep adding until it tastes right. Sitting down with your mother is the best part.


  7. That looks so good. I haven't ever tried that sort of soup, but it sounds like a great alternative to creamed soup (which we love, too!)

  8. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Yum! This looks won-der-ful!!!
    Wishing you a happy weekend,

  9. Did you mean for the sour cream dollop to be in the shape of a heart? Out of love for the Gardener maybe??? Anyways, this looks delish. I hope you're having a great weekend with family!

  10. LOL; I did not notice the heart shape of the dollop!

  11. Podso,
    Love your post. .. soup. . .and time spent with Mom! My dearest friend of 40 years visited over the weekend. First meal I prepared for us. . .soup. . .cream of potato soup! Something about soup that to me states the obvious, "Welcome home"!


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