Thursday, March 10, 2011

little books

I'm always looking for something new to put in my "cloche." So far, lemons in summer, apples in the fall, and yarn in the winter ... Then I saw in a magazine a glass jar like this filled with .... little books. And since we seem to collect old books of all sizes I thought this was an excellent idea and wondered if the books would actually fit. They did and I love seeing some of my favorites: Slips of Speech is great to grab for some out loud reading; a Boar's War you can read a few pages from and pick it up later, and the little Book of Common Prayer. Funny thing is, I looked more closely at the magazine idea and realized it was cocktail napkins, not books ... but I like the way my books turned out, and they are a perfect addition to the room we like to call our "Library."

I was ready to post this when I saw a "Cloche Party" at A Stroll through Life . I guess I'll join in!


  1. Now THIS is a fun and unique look! I love it, Podso. Glad you shared...
    ~ Sue

  2. Hi Dotsie...

    I just read your sweet note, my friend! Sooo glad that you joined up with Marty's cloche party! Ohhh...I just love this idea...putting little books in a cloche! It looks fabulous and ohhh sooo perfect for your library! Girlfriend, now you have my creative wheels a turnin'...I need to go and see if I have any books small enough to do this with! I just love this idea! You're so creative and talented! Thanks so much for sharing your pretty book cloche with us today!

    Happy spring wishes,

  3. Now that is interesting. I usually see cloches filled with food, this is a great variation!

  4. This is brilliant. I have a vintage jar similar to yours so I might do the same next time. Thanks for inspiring me♥

  5. What a splendid idea! The books look wonderful in there! Thanks for sharing.


  6. I think you've hit upon a first. I've never seen little books in a cloche but I love it--and little books.


  7. When you're all better, I'm gonna give you some organic twiny ribbon I have to tie around the top of that (if you want to try it out that is). I can just imagine it giving just the right, sweet, rustic touch to your well-loved pages inside.

  8. Perhaps this proves there really IS something new under the sun, despite the old saying!

  9. Podso,
    Cleaver lady! Love your idea! Cocktail napkins might be telling you time to have your eyes checked! HA! Sounds like something I would do! Still you're a very creative lady!

  10. My first reaction was "What?"
    What a cute idea,that is!

  11. An original! I love it! A perfect cloche display.

  12. Love this idea...cloches and books are a great match!

  13. Now, THIS is a great it...I'm going to go hunt for tiny books now...I'm sure I have a stash somewhere:)
    Have a great weekend!
    THANK YOU so very much for the anniversary wishes...

  14. Oh I love the books, they are fabulous. Little books are so hard to find, and your collection is wonderful. How perfect under the cloche. Gorgeous. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  15. Little books have a charm all their own, don't they. This is lovely and interesting. The smallest book I have is an old hymn book...with no music...just verses of hymns....I'll have to post about that sometime. You've inspired me..

  16. What a clever idea. Everyone are into looking for tiny books §;-) and I am one of them.

    TY for sharing.

    Happy day.---

    Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden.

  17. This is a very smart cloche, it gives me a great idea to place favorite books in a cloche so they don't fade when you have them in book shelf or else where. "Little One" looks a lot like you my friend, so sweet. My father had a nick name for me too, it's TICA, I guess kind of shorty in Spanish. I'd love you to visit and see my cloches too, I'll be delighted!
    Have a nice Sunday.

  18. OMG! So nice you visited Ecuador, where you all over SA? I'm originally an Astoria-Queens girl, of Ecua. mom and Spanish father, I got married to the love of my life and been happily married for 36 years this past Feb. 25th. I have a post on that event: "My 36th. Anniversay China".
    Thank you so much pretty lady for your visit and hope for many more.

  19. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Such a fun idea - I LOVE little books!

  20. That is really sweet! I never would have thought of books. I am not very good at cloches.
    Have a good week, my Cherry Ames fan friend! :)

  21. That is awesome!
    GREAT old books.
    Great way to display them.
    Guess it is like a cookie jar ~~ you want to go back for one more!

  22. oh my goodness.. the books look lovely i that jar.. what a great idea! I may steal this idea.. thanks for stopping by and your kind comments.

  23. Precious idea...

    Gentle hugs...


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