Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Me. In all my baby glory. I was a second child born to parents who I don't think even owned a camera at the time. Quite the contrast to my four-year-older sister who was the first grandchild on one side, and adored on the other. All the relatives seemed to have cameras, for of her, there are pictures plenty, while I look long and hard to find a semblance of me before the age of five. School pictures started then, and my mom got a Brownie camera. From then on, there is no doubt I was well-loved.

When looking through my parents' "stuff" recently, I was curious to find a rumpled envelope from one of their college friends. He was cleaning out. I couldn't believe it, but, held up to the light, two of the slides looked to be of me. I'll excuse my parents for not showing me the slides, for who could have imagined such a thing as scanning slides 24 years ago?

The truth is out. I'm not quite the cute little baby I imagined myself to have been. A little disappointed, but I'll be OK. It's just nice to finally meet myself at a very young age.


  1. WHAT! That's an adorable picture! :)

  2. You were an adorable baby!! I would have picked you up and given you a big hug. Isn't it funny how we love to see pictures of ourselves as babies. I would be looking for a resemblence to my siblings, children and grandchildren. Glad you found the slides.
    Have a great day!
    Ladybug Creek

  3. What are you talking about? You're adorable! And, I fall back into my childhood "envy" when I see your profile photo. Both of my sisters had nice straight hair and the same bangs. I wanted that look; however, I was born with wavy hair and "cowlicks".


  4. Are you kidding? You were cute as a button and I love the bow and shoes!

  5. Aw - you were a sweetie!
    What a stroke of luck to have found the slides!

  6. What a sweet post. I have very few baby pictures as well. I think as the 5th child, the novelty had worn off. You look precious!


  7. What do you mean, not cute? You were a very cute little baby!

  8. I know what you mean, because I was the third child (second girl) and my paternal grandmother had come to live with my parents right before I was born because she had broken her hip and had to walk with crutches. There were professional portraits taken of my older brother and sister but very few photos of me! I'm sure it was a very busy, chaotic time in my parent's life.

    You were a very cute baby! Look how nicely your Mom dressed you and put the ribbon in your hair!

  9. When I opened this post, this darling baby with the cutest pressed together lips, blond hair and BEAUTIFUL eyes was staring at me. I actually said to myslf, "how precious". Are you actually talking about this darling little baby? I hope not. Look at her sweet little baby fingers and her adorable little expression.

    And for that matter I LOVE your school picture that posts with your comments.
    Now~ you need to rethink. Little Podso is beautiful. And I am not just saying that. I would not comment if I did not think so.
    I am so happy to be back, and visiting you!

    You may not have many pictures, but you got the spunkiest nickname of anyone I know... how blessed!
    xo Love to you and little Podso, too!Yvonne

  10. You look the same!

  11. What? How can you possibly imagine that that baby girl is not adorably cute?! Dotsie, that is a real treat to find such a little gem. It is so funny how seeing something can bring back a rush of memories... your leather shoes... I remember them so well, being the oldest of five... all the polishing and washing of the strings... we all wore them, to support our ankles properly. Thank you for sharing such a precious photos and a surprise walk down my own memory lane. =)

  12. THAT is an adorable phot.
    Great story too.

  13. Podso,
    What an adorable baby you were! Being an adopted child, there are NO baby pictures of me. For me ( and possibly for you , as well) life began at five! Thank goodness for school pictures! Treasure this lonely photo of your childhood.


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