Friday, October 01, 2010

room with a view

At one corner of the amazing Grey Towers estate is what was designed to be
 a playhouse for the little girl of the house.

But what was amazing and delightful was the outside area before 
one would go inside the little play house.

There is no better way to describe it than a "room with a view"

It's easy to imagine how spectacular this would be with leaves in vibrant fall colors.

Now back to the main house with its two turrets.

I was disappointed not to take the hour-long tour of the house, 
but we had to get ready for a wedding. But the outside grounds 
provided plenty of beauty to enjoy.



  1. I'm thinking that it's just about the right sized house for our family of ten. :) 'Course the *playhouse* is likely bigger than our present home.


  2. I'm becoming a new follower because I don't want to miss a moment of the tour. I love historical homes. The first time that I went to the Biltmore Estate, they almost had to ask me to leave, so they could close up at the end of the day to go home. I still didn't get to explore it was beyond magnificent. Greystone is a beautiful property! Thank you for sharing your photo journey. Cherry Kay

  3. That playhouse - imagine being the little girl who could have her friends over to play there!

  4. Wow, some kind of house, grounds and play house. Love the round window!!!


  5. What lovely images. Imagine being the little girl here-could she appreciate it like we do? I've got to go back and find out where this place is!

  6. Ohmygosh, I could drive there! Maybe in the spring after the knee surgery! Thanks for the lovely pictures!

  7. It is very beautiful!!!


  8. Last summer, I paid a visit to The Breakers in Newport, R.I.. While the house was lovely, the playhouse really captured my attention. It was breathtaking! Wonderful photographs. Next time, please go in--I want to see how they lived.


  9. I've just been catching up on your recent posts....what a beautiful setting here...I love everything you have shown us. It is all so gracious and lovely, but I especially like that wonderful playhouse area. That oval window to the woods is perfect and I can imagine it with blazing fall colors as you suggested.

  10.!! that is just incredibly beautiful. the stonewoork, the view, the house. wow. thank you so much for sharing this "view".

  11. What a cute playhouse! The whole property is grand and just full of character, so fabulous and beautiful!....Christine


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