Tuesday, October 05, 2010

more on windows

Some people collect salt and pepper shakers; I collect pictures of windows. 
Favorite windows at special places or just windows I see and like. 

My very favorite place to see windows is in Holland. But the times I've been there were 
before my digital camera. The windows there are large, usually with a touch of lace, 
and filled with flowers––inside on the ledge, or in a window box. 

And of course, it's always fun to think about what world is on the other side of a window––whether from the inside looking out, 

or the outside looking in.


  1. Hmmm.. interesting. I love the lace covered window:)


  2. I'm partial to the third one from the top, simply because it'd been raining in that shot. I miss the rain so much (pout, pout).

  3. I see you taking a photo!
    When we lived on the Dutch/German border I used to love driving on the Dutch side at night to see the beautiful displays of lace and plants that people had in their windows. I'd have to agree with you that the Dutch have the nicest windows.

  4. Hello Dotsie...

    What lovely windows! I am intriqued by all beautiful windows as well! You might even say that I'm a bit of a window peeker! Hehe! Well not really but I do enjoy peeking AT windows! When you mentioned the windows in Holland, I couldn't help but think of all the truly majestic windows that I seen in Europe! Some of my favorites were in Italy...Venice in particular. The beautiful shaped windows were encased in such ornate frames...the prettiest architecture that I have ever seen!

    Well my friend, I have been doing a bit of catching up at your place! I thoroughly enjoyed the tours of Gray Towers! Ohhh my...what a fabulous place! Ohhh my...and to think that your dear husband actually seen and heard JFK speak! That's just awesome!!! I loved the post and photo that you took of the "room with a view"...how lovely! Thank you for sharing your trip and this beautiful place with us!!!

    Take care and Lord bless,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  5. I loved the last mod circl one, then after looking at it for a few moments, became convinced that Jurassic Park is on the other side. Now I'm scared.

  6. Always interesting posts, Podso!

  7. I'm not sure which I like better--windows or doors. When we lived in Charleston, S.C., I loved walking around the area south of Broad in the evening and getting glimpses into those grand old homes through the windows.


  8. I love windows too...we just added 2 to our house this week! How sweet was the post below about the love letters...you *must* find the time for them...what a precious bit of your story.

  9. What an interesting thing to collect! Love them all. I do have a weakness for white lace on a window though.

  10. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Great collection! I never thought much about it, but I have collected a few photos of windows myself! :)
    Wishing you & yours a lovely day,

  11. This is just a quick visit to say thank you for your comment....and I will be back to spend more time to enjoy your beautiful windows (another love we share!)....I am off on an adventure for the weekend, back Monday. I so appreciate your thoughts and comment.


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