Friday, November 01, 2013

the three bees

Some of you asked what I purchased at the little destination shop on our mini road trip.
Eight old blocks. I've been looking for some (wishing I'd never gotten rid of our boys' )
and here they were, albeit a bit pricey.
It was kinda fun to search through the pail for the letters we wanted. 
You see above I had to fill one in with marker.
The price was ridiculous, but I almost felt it was courtesy to buy something since
we were the only ones in the shop and had a conversation with the owner who
knows a friend of mine. You now how that is.
Well then the very next day I hopped off to an amazing shop nearby in a house,
only open once a month or so. It was full to the brim of things I love. 
I was met at the door by the proprietor, offered pumpkin muffins 
and coffee, and invited to even shop in the closets.
In the back room of the house I found this:
The whole bucket  not a whole lot more than what I spent on the eight blocks.
It was an "I could kick myself"moment.
But seeing the excitement Little Bro had when he saw them, and how intently 
he played with them, made it all worth it. 
 And, I have a new story to tell.
But it does remind me of some wise words a "saged" couple told us when 
we were new parents. Maybe we were approaching Christmas, I don't 
remember the setting but I have never forgotten what they said.
"Kids need only three things to grow and develop. And they all start with 'B'."
"Blocks, Balls and Books."
The same day as the block play, Little Bro and I spent at least a half hour
with a little bouncy ball, dangerously seeing where it would bounce to
in the kitchen (thankfully it never went in the soup). 
But oh how we laughed.


  1. < insert big old grin >

    You are living dangerously to play with a ball in the house! I bought a children's book just out this week. It's a chapter book and I am going to leave it out for a certain ambitious reader who is way beyond his grade level. The more I look at it, the more I want to read it myself!

  2. I love this post, Dotsie! That was a wonderful piece of advice your friends gave, and I'll have to remember that for grandchildren in the future.

    Will had some of those Fisher Price blocks, and I think they're stored in my parents' attic (I hope so now that you've told me how expensive they are). He also loved those little bouncy balls like you get out of the vending machines, and he had (and still has) books galore. :)

    I'm glad Vee convinced you to share this sweet story. Have a great weekend!


  3. Oh my goodness, we have some similar blocks around here somewhere. Now you've got me to wondering. :)

    Sweet grandma you are!

  4. I have priced those blocks and they are pricey! What a great find!

    I agree on the blocks, balls and books idea! For girls I'd add dolls.


  5. I really enjoyed your post....we've all had those moments of buying something just because we want to be polite. Its heart-warming to hear your experience...and you ended up with lots of special blocks. Books have been such friends to me from the time I was old enough to study out the words. Children are precious....and that saying reminds us that most of the important things in life are free! how refreshing...

  6. I still love reading children's books, coloring in their color books and seeing every Disney movie out.:))

  7. I'm happy you found the basket of blocks and did a post about it. I keep mine in a big glass jar and will definitely have to get them out the next time my grandsons visit. Do you remember the little wooden 'benches' with the pegs in the holes that you hammer with a mallet? I have one of those too. It's very old and big E played with it. Books, Block, Balls and Dolls. :)

  8. Wise words of wisdom, the three bees. I always thought I could chuck the girls toys and just give them a pot, wooden spoon and a few plastic cups and they'd be happy. Early home economics education you could say.

  9. Wonderful finds! I am always on the lookout for old blocks. And I too, wish I had saved my kids blocks. Darn!
    xo Kris

  10. Awe, love this! I had a couple of sets when the girls were young and then I took their 3 initials and glued 3 blocks a piece together for them. The dog ate one of them 5 years ago, and now I need to try and find 3 blocks...thank you for reminding me ;)

  11. The little blocks are adorable, I have wanted some of those, too. Your story about the ball is very sweet grandkids are the best, aren't they.
    Hugs, Cindy

  12. That's so funny Dotsie!

    When I read "....didn't land in the soup" the thought running through my head was "that sounds like a Vee thought".
    Isn't that a co-incidence!

    The blocks are gorgeous and I'm sure they will serve several generations to come!

    Yes the three B's was sage advice.

  13. Love your blocks! I'm visiting after seeing your comments on Vee's blog. We have all our children's old toys in our downstairs family room. I always threaten to get rid of all those 40 plus year old toys, but when the grands visit it is the first place they go. ♥

  14. Podso,
    I could write volumes on your Three B's topic. . .but I just enjoyed reflecting back to my days with our sons in their youth!!! Thank you for sharing this thought provoking post!!!
    P.S. I passed our two large containers of blocks on to our daughter~in~law a few years ago. She never had any as a child (her mother a teacher) and she enjoys them immensely!!! I enjoy seeing what she uses them for in their Country Lane home!!!

  15. I almost bought that basket of blocks! Glad you enjoyed the store. I knew you would. Loved the comment about the 3 "B" s
    Hope you have a great week


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