Sunday, November 24, 2013

winter comes

Yesterday as we worked outside cleaning up leaves I could sense a change coming.
It was a gray day, the trees were nearly bare, the garden seemed tired.
Rain is predicted, followed by dropping temperatures and more rain 
and even mention of  s n o w, which is almost unheard of in November.
Our pansies are planted; they are the sunshine of winter here. 
Even in the worst of our winters they stand bravely.
Holly bushes are bending with the weight of abundant berries …
I've heard that means we're "in for a memorable winter."
I wouldn't mind.
Come, winter.


  1. Your pansies brought a smile to me as they're only an early spring annual to plant in my garden. I've never seen a holly with so many berries,. It must be your harbinger of winter while ours is the mountain ash trees which are loaded with berries this year.

  2. You made the dreary look beautiful.
    Have a good week.

  3. Do you think that the pansies would make it through a memorable winter? This cold sure has a grip on the whole country. Brrrr... Your photos are lovely. I especially enjoyed seeing all those holly berries,

  4. Beautiful pictures!!! No snow in our forecast yet, but who can tell. It is the week of Thanksgiving. Wishing you well!

  5. Yes the garden is very tired here and now it is covered with a white blanket of snow. Have a blessed week, Jen

  6. WOW- look at that holly's berrries, so many - going to make for wonderful decor, yes?

    Our pansies went to sleep some time ago - and will return in early spring till it gets hot again.

    Ah, the Cycle of Life, sure is a Grand Scheme of God's, isn't it?

  7. I love your holly berries and perky yellow pansies. Surprisingly, my pansies are still producing blooms. They are the ice ones so will bloom early in spring and perhaps now until the snow covers them. That's the only colour in my gardens now.

  8. Tired is such a great word to describe an autumn into winter garden. The colder weather seems to be starting earlier in much of the continent. We had cold weather last week and are warming up to rain in the coming week. I'm hoping for snow some time in December. That would be memorable.

  9. Your bright, colorful picture made me feel that the impending cold weather is not such a bad thing, Dot!

    I don't plant pansies much because they are so short lived here (September til abut early November) but I bought 3 small, nicely priced planters in Michigan and they are doing beautiful and I've so enjoyed their color!

    Your pictures are so pretty!


  10. Lovely photos. Missed your last post on remembering where you were when JFK was shot. I was only 3, and so I don't remember. My husband was 8. He remembers vividly. Your recollection was interesting to hear.
    XO Kris

  11. Beautiful are your photos!
    Greetings from Holland.

  12. It might have been a dreary day but your photos are wonderful.
    We all love pansies for their sweet smiling faces - along with primulas and winter stock they are my standbys in winter too - though we don't get snow!


  13. Lovely, lovely! Our temperatures here in Missouri dipped way down the past few days....Brrr! I'll take freezing cold anytime, as long as it's either bright and sunny....or snowing!! (I love snow!) I really dislike dreary, rainy, dark, cloudy days. Have a beautiful week, Podso!

  14. There is definitely a change in the air. The rain and cold have set in here for the weekend... all the beautiful leaves are dropping to the ground. Your pansies will bring smiles all winter... blessings ~ tanna

  15. I love the red berries.

  16. The leaves, pansies and berries are lovely. Beautiful Autumn images!
    Have a happy week ahead

  17. I love your mosaics, Dotsie; they're so pretty. Pansies are such hardy flowers to look so delicate, aren't they? I want to plant some this year, but I'm afraid I may have waited too long. There are still lots in the garden shops, but it's so cold out. Brrrr!

    I hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday!



  18. I've never seen that many berries on holly...beautiful.
    The leaves in the first photo look almost like leather.
    I love pansies and yet have never grown them.
    Just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

  19. Wow that is a ton of berries for holly. I've never seen that many before either!

    I'm ready for winter and some good snow storms myself:)

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  20. I love pansies, like shining little faces. Ours will be buried in snow soon, cold and icy here to day. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,, Laura

  21. I find it funny that people refer to "weak" people as pansies but yet a pansy can often withstand some of the most harsh conditions. Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures.

  22. Podso,
    Gorgeous photos of your Garden!
    I agree, our Garden is appearing a bit tired, too! However, I do love all of the visual appeal when it's covered with a thick fallen SNOW!!!
    You know me. . .I LOVE SNOW, so I say. . .bring it on!!!
    Have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  23. I am sad, for I have no Pansies, nothing but brown earth and right now it is snowing and sleeting, oh to see the faces of those sweet little flowers. Happy Thanskgiving~

  24. All pretty shots, but I so envy the holly and berries! Our pansies don't survive winter. Even the mums rarely survive. Not much is hardy to Zone 3.The photos are wonderful and inviting.


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