Wednesday, November 06, 2013

the postman rang

We all know about blog "give aways." I've won a few. But I got a package in the mail a couple of weeks ago that just knocked my socks off as it was a total surprise.
I've admired Lorrie's hand made needle books ever since she showed some of 
them on her blog. I love handwork and I was quite taken by these.
I loved the way Lorrie wrapped the little book in pattern paper! 
And included a sweet note saying she had noticed my interest in the 
little books so decided to send me one. So thoughtful of her!
Now I'm able to admire her tiny hand-done stitching close-up, 
reminding me of my long-gone talents in that area!
If you've never visited Lorrie's blog, Fabric Paper Thread
you should stop by! There's much richness and beauty there.
And thank you Lorrie for such a sweet gift!


  1. Hi Podso!
    It's been quite some time since I visited your sweet blog. Got into some real crafting these days.
    So sweet about your blogging friend. Those books look great and cute :).

  2. Thanks for providing Lorrie's link. I'm visiting her next :)

  3. What a nice surprise. Blog friends are great!! Love the handwork and the colors.


  4. OH! Random act of kindness, how totally SWEET of her!

    And that little surprise is so completely darling! WOW! YAY!!

  5. I showed that to Kayla. She just made a very simple one for herself. What a fun surprise for you!

  6. What a sweet surprise!

  7. I was just on Lorrie's Etsy shop page and when I came here I knew that was her handiwork! They are lovely aren't they?

    Very sweet gift!


  8. Awwwww. Thank you, Dotsie. It's always a pleasure to give something to someone who will appreciate it. I hope you enjoy using it.

  9. I knew right away that it was one of Lorrie's beautiful needle cases. She does such beautiful work doesn't she. Lucky you!

  10. Soooooo pretty...and such a sweet surprise to arrive in your mailbox!

  11. Isn't that the sweetest thing! And coming as a surprise made it all the more special.

  12. Podso,
    Amazing hand work in your needle book, dear friend!!!
    So~o~o sweet of Lorrie!!!
    I'll be sure to visit her soon!

  13. Oh, my!

    So cute . . . so sweet of Laurie

    I am heading over to her site now and I am going to copy her cute idea.

  14. What a delightful surprise. The workmanship on it is beautiful. I actually visited two that blog for the first time yesterday and she makes some lovely things!

  15. How kind of Lorrie to send you one of her needle books. I follow her blog and remember when she first showed these.

  16. How fun that you won!!

  17. I agree with Michele...random acts of kindness...are the best! And I'd forgotten until I saw the picture, but I rec'd some beautiful handmade items from Creative Carmelina, and she wrapped hers in pattern paper, too. How appropriate! Very happy for you.

  18. This is so beautiful and so sweet of Lorrie to surprise you, Dotsie! I also enjoy her blog.


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