Monday, November 11, 2013

Symphony Serendipity

You know those coupon books? We have one we barely used. It was just that busy of a year, the one that has just passed (if you are going by a September to September calendar). It was a gift and I felt badly it was so neglected. The very day we talked about it we noticed it was the last day to use the coupons.

Putting that thought aside, we went through the day's mail. A flyer for the symphony. The combination I had been waiting years for, saying if that ever came along we would somehow spring the funds to attend. Mozart and Beethoven. Piano Concerto No. 21. The concert wasn't until the following week. Is it possible they would honor a coupon expiring today, for a concert in the future?

I made a quick call. Yes, of course. No they didn't need to see the coupon. They would mail us the tickets. Oh by the way, the symphony overbooked so this concert is not at the performing arts center, but at a smaller, fairly new theatre down the street. First come first serve on the seats and all the same low price.

I could hardly take all that good news in! The tickets were cheap! The theatre was intimate, not a bad seat in the house. Even a lecture before and after. I don't know many names in the classical music world, but I know the young pianist was well-known and just a wonder to watch. Flawless and the music just filled his being.

We sat enthralled, enjoying every moment of a serendipity.


  1. Serendipity indeed! Doesn't that music fill your heart with joy? Glad you got to attend.


  2. That sounds wonderful!

    Glad you were able to go and have such a wonderful evening!


  3. Oh, how wonderful, it was indeed meant for you to attend this concert.

  4. I love this. So sweet.

  5. We have a venue in town like that and it is wonderful. No one gets better seats because they paid more and you can actually see the performers.

    Serendipity made a special event even more so.

  6. How wonderful! I've never been to a classical music concert but I think I'd enjoy it as my father listened to classical music a lot and it was ingrained in me. I'm glad you got to enjoy it in this serendipitous way.

  7. Oh how amazing it must have been! What a lovely way to be blessed.

  8. Delightful! That was just all kinds of good!

  9. Oh how wonderful that you made it - I would have made every effort to make that concert too!

    We've had those coupons too and forgotten to use them!

  10. I love the neat!

  11. Their is nothing that compares to a live music performance! I'm glad you were able to see the symphony

  12. Oh, that's simply great! Hope you had some good time! Thank you for that loving visit to my blog :).

  13. How delightful! Mozart and Beethoven would be a treat! So glad you were able to enjoy this evening.


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