Thursday, November 14, 2013

and back home again

Since we switched our dining and living room around, something hasn't looked quite right to me. I think it was too much dark wood. I've wanted a small buffet server for a long time and now with my "new" dining room, I had space for one. But did I want to get rid of my massive but lovable Salvation Army china cabinet? It was a hard choice.

I got advice from friends, the Gardener and I thought and thought (way too much mental energy used here ...)

And then we began to look.

It was fun. We went to a lot of antique shops we hadn't been to in a long while. It was interesting to see what all was out there.  Buffets are a hot item right now. I found several old ones that looked possible but still something wasn't right. I wanted a small one and found several that would work. But more money than I wanted to spend.

Suddenly something clicked in my mind. Sometimes you have to shop around to realize what you want is right at home. I knew that an old sewing machine table in the upstairs guest room was just the size I wanted. It could stand in as a serving table for a time to see if that's what I really wanted there.

I am so pleased, especially with the price.

And how many times did I empty out the cabinet(s) to move things around? 
I'm embarrassed to say. 
But it all works for now. And putting on a tablecloth helped with the 
all the dark wood. A new chandy and new panels at the windows, 
and a transformation has taken place at very little cost! 
It pays to come back home for another look!


  1. Home shopping takes on a whole new meaning!! I think the "server" is perfect.


  2. I love moving furniture from one room to another to use in a new way!

    I also love inexpensive room makeovers.

    It looks great!


  3. Funny how that works, isn't it. :-) It looks great!

  4. See you could work for me..that is exactly what I do for my clients. They are always amazed that the items can come back to life.
    It looks great. Enjoy!

  5. Perfect fix! I often shop the house first!
    xo Kris

  6. This is an interesting conversation for me Dotsie. I never move my furniture around - in the living room, bedrooms or others. I'm sure it is a mystery to our youngest daughter who does this transformation a couple of times a year. Guess I don't like change. ;-)
    I was happy to see someone else use a tablecloth. There is one on our dining room and kitchen tables at all times and changed with the seasons. Well, small changes are OK.
    A makeover that doesn't cost a lot of money is a good thing - looks very nice.

  7. All that thinking resulted in a very pleasing transformation for very little money. And thinking is free, too! Love the sewing cabinet.
    I love moving furniture around. Everything looks fresher.

  8. Fantastic! I do love switching things around at home. Takes a lot of work sometimes, but so worth it when you feel that everything is new and you spent nothing at all for the new look. :) Tammy

  9. You did very well - the machine table is perfect!
    It is hard parting with loved items.
    I have an old English made cabinet which belonged to my parents.
    It is far too big for our little townhouse - but I just can't part with it - it makes me feel a part of them is with me!


  10. I love old sewing machine tables. Yours looks lovely there. It's always nice to find things at home to get the look you want!

  11. It looks beautiful! Love all the wood and hope that you'll not be tempted to paint anything. Using the sewing table was an inspired idea!

  12. Yes, sometimes we need to step out of the house and return with new eyes don't we. I like the old sewing machine table idea very much. I have put white runners on some of my tables and even on the china cabinet base as we have so much wood in here with the flooring and furniture. It helps. I can't change my furniture much due to the open concept of our home but I change out the decor a lot. Everything helps eh?

  13. You have the decorative knack. I say so all the time. Truly. :)

  14. Love this post! I, too, think and think and think about house-y things until inspiration hits. It's kind of fun this way, don't you think?

    How perfect that you found what the room needed right in your own house! (Even if it did require moving those dishes in and out multitudinous times.) ;)

  15. In more ways that one... ;)

    Great job, Dotsie. I'd love to join you in that beautiful dining room. =) blessings ~ tanna

  16. Podso,
    LOVE the switching of rooms and the changing of the furniture!!! Many times, I "shop the house" for an updated look within the walls of my home!!! I agree, though...inspiration can come from a variety of sources! Nice to get "out~and~about" town and see how others decorate and accessorize with similar items!
    Your titled reminded me of a phrase my maternal Grandmother use to say when we took her to the next town (25 miles) for shopping in my Youth. . ."There and back, all in the same day."

  17. Oh, it is lovely.

    I am like you and work with things I already have. The sewing machine is perfect.

    You are all set for turkey day.

  18. What a great idea. I wish I could find one of those sewing cabinets now. The have become very expensive.
    The best thing you did was change the light. It pulled it all together.

  19. I rarely move things around but when I think about it for a very long time and do it.... It usually delights my heart.Your makeover looks perfect!
    Smiles, Dottie

  20. Little things can make a big difference. I'm glad it turned out for you. And it looks so nice! I am always impressed by those sewing machine tables. Yours is a beauty!

  21. Your dining room looks perfect. I would never be able to part with an antique china cabinet such as yours--it is beautiful!


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