Wednesday, May 02, 2012

flying saucers

The other day I decided to get out all my saucers without their cups.
 I wanted to try and take an ariel view photo in the light of an early morning.
It's not like I was bored or had nothing to do, but sometimes 
I get an idea in my head and simply have to try it out.
 Further in my defense for this seeming waste of time, if I don't do something 
creative every so often, I just don't feel so well.
While my creative juices were trying to stir, I got it in my head to
 try an undershot of this stack of saucers.
That was harder than I thought.
This shot plays tricks with my eye, especially the front yellow and white saucer.
It and the others look inverted, or a better way to explain it, puffed up from the underside.
I do enjoy my eclectic collection of cups and saucers.
As you might guess, each one has a story to tell.

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  1. You have quite a collection of saucers, Dotsie! I agree it can be fun to play with both our dishes and our camera. ;)

  2. I'm impressed with your collection and creativity!!


  3. You surely do have quite a collection. I have a few that I love, but not what you would call a collection. Maybe we all should choose one of or favorites and tell the story behind it...might be a good meme for someone to start. Not me, but someone... ;o))

  4. Dotsie,
    Just wonderful! I have moments like this too.


  5. I love your collection. I know the feeling of wanting to bring out the hidden away things and do something creative. Now, let's have a tea party! :)


  6. Podso,
    Oh! How lovely, dear friend!!! I'd love for you to do a series on each cup and sacuer with its own story...or maybe a grouping of like cups and saucers...or...
    I DO understand what you mean when you say you get an idea in your head and you have to 'play it out'! Lovely post...intriquing photos!!!

  7. This sounds like something I might have done. Now that you've done it, I don't have to, of course. =D I like the undershot of the plates.

  8. What fun to take time to play. I know what you mean about taking some time to be creative - it's a necessity for me, too. Fulfills something in me.
    Love the idea of photographing your saucers. They are so pretty.

  9. Well I just love that you spent time taking pictures of saucers. They came out great!
    And I LOVE the header!!

  10. This is an interesting percpective.
    A fun idea! I love your new header!

  11. Cute idea! It's fun to get the goodies out and see them! You also get to see all your tastes in one big show!
    Hope you feel better soon! I know I have lots of days I feel so run down and others I'm on top. I guess it's an age thing!

  12. I love saucers and your photos are so much fun. Great collection!

  13. Very creative! What a pretty collection. I would love to hear the stories.
    Thanks for linking this to Let's Dish!

  14. Loving ALL THOSE PLATES!! Wow, I am totally impressed darling Podso, great collection! You are very creative too. Thanks for your lovely visit to see my mom's things. Mother is 82 and has many pretty things I can still have some day to share with my two daughters. Hugs,

  15. Wow! Lovely collection!...Christine

  16. Aren't those saucers all so pretty??!! Maybe we'll find out the rest of the story one day!!

  17. What a pretty collection of saucers - I'd love to see them all with their cups one day.
    As is so often the case, you and I were on the same wavelength, as on Monday I hand washed and dried 24 lovely china tea cups and saucers after Lillypad's shower, given by her bridesmaids and friends. I really enjoyed looking at each pair in my collection, all gifts from my own showers.

  18. Beautiful dishes and if I had my druthers, I would pluck that Robin's eggs coloured dish right away;')

  19. I love the photos, but I really wish I knew the history of each piece. What a beautiful and eclectic collection! Thank you for sharing!!

  20. Interesting shots! Love all the china of course. And your new header is so cute!!

  21. Hi Dotsie
    I guess you do a lot of mixing and matching to make use of your saucer collection.
    There sure are some pretty patterns.

  22. What a beautiful collection and a modern twist on photgraphing them. I know exactly where you are coming from with the creative thing. I like going to bed at night feeling like I created something beautiful and photgraphed and wrote about it. Making a little history I suppose.

    Robin Flies South

  23. I love to just lay dishes out and look at them too so I *get* this. They make a beautiful picture, don't they?

  24. What a beautiful bunch of saucers ya have...and it looked like ya had allota fun playin' with 'em.

    Wonderful pics sweetie!

    Have a bountifully blessed day!!! :o)

  25. Your creativity is so much fun and I love the photos you have shared :) And, I really love your collection of gorgeous saucers!!! So pretty!

  26. What a collection! I love the variety of patterns!

  27. Wonderful collection and creative mind, Dotsie!! I LOVE how creativity knocks on your door and you always welcome it in! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! blessings ~ Tanna

  28. I love your beautiful collection of saucers and I love your new header.

  29. This reminds me of that book, "Dish: 813 Colorful, Wonderful Dinner Plates"!!! This is the true meaning of "playing in the dishes"!!! It's nice to take a look at what you have every so often, and even more fun if you take an artistic look like this! Enjoy your weekend, and I hope you get to play some more!!!

  30. Such beautiful flying saucers! I love looking at china and your variety is wonderful to view.

  31. Love the "Solemn Joy", Dotsie.

  32. Anonymous11:54 AM

    I love your blog! I found you at With a Grateful Heart. Was going to add you to my sidebar list of daily reads but it says you don't have a "feed" so I wouldn't get updates. Didn't know if you knew about this, but thought I'd mention it since I'd love to keep up with you :) Thanks for sharing all the beauty and joy. Hugs ~ Mary

  33. there is nothing i like to see more than a STACK of saucers! ;}

    m ^..^


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