Friday, May 25, 2012

breakfast brigade

Seems like I've been posting mainly photos lately. My creative juices are just about spent doing 
other things. We've had several rounds of house guests this past week, with more to come,
while trying to keep up with our regular lives, too. It's been challenging but great fun. 
Especially since they are all old friends from years gone by ... we had
our babies together, we went to college together, etc., and we "take up where we left off." 
One morning we had one of our favorites: what we call a European breakfast. 
--At least this is what we experienced many mornings in Europe--.  
Hard boiled eggs in pretty egg cups, assorted breads or bagels, jam, cheese, meat, and 
fruit and the regular stuff––coffee, tea and juice. We could have added yogurt but we had plenty already. 
It's such an easy breakfast to make as we can get it pretty much ready ahead of time. 
The only challenge might be the peeling of the egg. 
But we were probably so busy talking we barely noticed the effort.
This pic is for a bloggy friend of mine ... I think she knows who I mean!


  1. That is my kind of breakfast! It looks wonderful. Have a great weekend.

  2. This is a favorite breakfast at our house on weekends! Very filling and delicious. I know the egg cup photo isn't for me but i loved it just as well as i love Delft items, Dotsie. I have a few I cherish.

  3. Oh my goodness!!! I was just about to HOP ON HERE and comment about the pretty eggs in the darling egg cups and YOU CALLED ME OUT BEFORE I COULD EVEN DO IT!

    And let me just say - - - THAT European breakfast is JUST MY KIND!

    So - - - get your guest room ready, I'm on my way down ASAP!


  4. Oh I love a breakfast table...did you make English soldiers? And did you lop off those eggs' heads with a little hatchet? =D

  5. A delicious looking breakfast. Good friends are the ones you pick up with where you left off.
    Happy days entertaining Dotsie.

  6. I love European breakfasts -- and they're great when you have house guests. Love the little egg cups with the hard boiled eggs -- when we stayed in Germany -- most of ours had little "hats" to keep them warm!

  7. What a pretty breakfast table - and I love having meat and cheese along with eggs for breakfast. YUM!

  8. This so sweet and elegant. Simple things done well are such a treat.

    Cool mugs. :)

  9. Oh! You will have such a wonderful time! I've lost track of all my friends from school days. You are blessed to have stayed in touch!

  10. So glad you've been enjoying the company of old friends. And, this breakfast is making me ready for mine right now! The egg isn't for me, but that sure is a beautiful little cup it is sitting so pretty in. blessings ~ Tanna

  11. Lovely! I spy the castle cup!

  12. It looks like a lovely breakfast and so nice to share it with good friends.
    I have the same eggcup.

    Thank you for your visit and I am happy to send visitors to you!

    Enjoy your holiday weekend.


  13. Anonymous10:35 AM

    I love it! Simple and healthy - with more time to visit and enjoy one another's company. :)
    Wishing you all a great weekend, Dotsie!!!

  14. You are always the gracious hostess! I love this breakfast. Simple yet elegant. I'm sure your friends enjoyed it to the fullest!

  15. Podso,
    This breakfast looks terrific! I'm sure the guests enjoyed it and your presence!!! Have a great weekend!

  16. You could run a B&B!

  17. It all looks so good! Makes me in the mood for a similar breakfast... maybe tomorrow morning :)

  18. Oh wow, I think I'mma have me a breakfast like this one tomorrow morning!! The egg cups are awesome and I love eggs, ham and in the Delft cups, just perfect! Hubby and I love this kinda breakfast and beautiful too.. yummy! Have a sweet Sunday. Hugs,

  19. That looks delicious! We eat lots of good food but I don't take the time to make everything so beautiful! I love your egg cup!


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