Friday, May 18, 2012

Finding pink

When I was looking at photos from our recent trip further south it was interesting how the photos with
pink popped out just like the color red does. In fact either color makes a photo somehow look better.
   Have you ever noticed that in a photo of a group of people --- if someone is wearing red or pink?
Pink walls in a Ringling Art Museum room.
Pink shops !
Homemade pink mother's day cards in my mom's room ... Little One made the one on the far right!
She's learning how to be thoughtful of others.

Joining with Beverly's Pink Saturday.


  1. Yes, pink does stand out as does red. Lovely pictures. Loved your previous post as well -- I DO write handwritten notes all the time as do my friends -- but perhaps it is WHERE we live that we still do that or the AGE we are that we continue that tradition!

    But it is a nice one!


  2. Pretty pink photos! I love the wall color... salmon pink? And of course, pink for Mother's Day :)

  3. I was at the museum more years ago than I like to think. I remember the pink. What a sweet card from Little One. I'm sure it brought a smile to her grandmother's face.


  4. I've noticed that pink really is a universal color and everyone looks good wearing it. Never have seen anyone wear it that didn't look good. Something like that. What a great story you shared in comments at my place. That would be wild to have such a popular blog that people drive by and stop in for a visit. =D

  5. There are so many shades of pink. I like the pink shop on the right which looks like it might have been a gas station in a former life. :) I love your new header! What sweet vintage photos. Have a super weekend. Pamela

  6. I love the color pink in that museum room ... wow. A perfect color.

    And the cards are wonderful, especially the one from Little One. A treasure.

    Hope all is well with you -- and thanks for your kind wishes on Anne's graduation. Whew .. it was a LONG 3 years!


  7. I do love pink houses. When I first saw your photos, I thought it was my friend's home in the first one!!

    Little One's card is so precious. Just like she is. {sigh} A wonderful Mother's Day prize! blessings ~ tanna

  8. Oh so pretty!

    Hope you'd come and link with me in my Color Connection meme through my PINK entry.

  9. Happy Pink Saturday!

    I enjoyed seeing your PINKS from your trip. . . and those wonderful cards, too (a sweet display!)

    Have a great weekend!


  10. I agree about wearing red or pink for photos. Always looks nice. I heard once that every woman looks good in pink. Love all your pink pics!

  11. i like the Mother's day cards.

    Pink in the Sink. Have a lovely weekend.

  12. Pink is such a pretty colour. I'm not so fond of red, but it does stand out in a crowd. Love that pink house. And the pink card from your Little One - adorable.

  13. pretty.

    Pink Blooms, have a blessed Sunday!


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