Friday, October 24, 2008

Direct Re-ply

God doesn't always answer our prayers right away, or even the way we'd like. Sometimes He has a far better idea for us. But the other day ....  
I learned Little One is coming for the weekend. I usually borrow a friend's "pac n play" (what we used to call "portacribs") when a little one needing a crib visits our house. But now Little One with capital letters is visiting. I began to think about how nice it would be to have our own crib available for her visits. I checked  on Craig's list and a few other places. Our finances would not allow a new one, and nothing else either looked good or was affordable.

So on this particular morning, I decided to ask God if He'd help me find one we could afford. I put it out of my mind as, an hour later, I met a friend taking me out for lunch.  As we walked towards the eating place, I noticed a child's consignment shop right next door. "How long has this store been here?" I queried. 

"Oh at least five years," was the answer. I hadn't noticed it before, even though I'd been in neighboring stores many times! (Oh dear, that's a little embarrassing--guess I didn't have the eye for it before Little One arrived).  

My friend suggested we go have a look. Well, right inside the door ... can you guess?  A gently used pac n play in wonderful condition––at an affordable price!  Right inside the door, I repeat.  

And was this cake iced? Yes!  The color is ... pink! What an answer, a provision, a love poured forth.

It's been disinfected, scrubbed, aired, and now awaits its little occupant! Sweet dreams, Little One!


  1. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Everything is so much better when we give it to God, our Father, and wait!!Glad I could participate!

  2. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Oh what a great, pink, God-providing favorite kind. I carefully pack these types of stories away in my mind because I think they build all of our faith...when we can remember when God provided not just any old pack 'n play, but a pretty pink one...just for you, right inside the door of a story that's been there for 5 years without you noticing UNTIL you NEEDED helps ME to trust Him the next time I have a need. Please take a picture of Baby Dear in it for us, and enjoy your weekend lavishing her with your special kind of love....grandparent love!!!!

  3. Anonymous1:00 PM

    A reminder that all we have to do is ask. Thanks for the sweet story. and I love how you call her Little One.

  4. Jack: Very glad you found one. I hope that you enjoy the visit.
    Kayla: Mrs. Corwin- I like the pac-n-play because I like pink and if I was a baby I wish I was your grandaughter so I could sleep in that pink pac-n-play.

  5. Anonymous4:20 PM

    It's beautiful and LG looks so at home in it.

  6. I am loving your posts about your granddaughter. I love the photos in the post below of you and son #2, and son #2 with his little one.

    So much joy.


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