Friday, October 17, 2008

Soup Serenade

It's always good to find a special reason to get together with friends. This time it was Robin's birthday (a.k.a. "Jean") and also the "debut" of her new (and first) grandson. What a cuddly, adorable little package this young man is. We 
decided to gift Robin with things to help her with grandmothering--from tiny washcloths for tiny fingers, to books begging to be read, Peter Rabbit china, and teething or squeaky toys--as well as tea for "decompressing" after the "grands" go home or go to bed. (smile).

Our menu included a soup serenade. Three different soups, three different bowls, one after the other. Delicious flavors and aromas to entice the palate. Followed by a spectacular salad, breads, and for dessert, finger-licking cupcakes. 

Some of us go back years in our friendships. We may not see each other frequently but make keeping in touch a priority, even if only by email (or, if you can believe it, 
"Facebook.")  But keep in touch we do, it's important to all of us. And we all love a festive occasion now and then, to ice the cake, so to speak.


  1. Looks like fun and beauty!

  2. You go to the neatest parties!

  3. What a good party, and a handsome tiny guest you have there!


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